Why Trump is not getting rid of the fake "warming" metrics

When Trump got into office and sceptics finally got a say in the government of the US, I made strenuous efforts to try to get them to invest in temperature measurements so that we could finally get a measure of the global temperature, that no one could dispute. That would require at least a polar orbiting satellite to be launched or the wholesale upgrade of land based measurements with for example areas of as much as 1kilometer square being bought to ensure the minimum contamination of data by change in land use.
It clearly did not happen.
Today we still regularly find idiots pushing the NASA fake temperature graph and claiming it is real. Indeed, personally, there’s only one metric I look at which is UAH. And that seems a dangerous position, because at any point, given NASA etc.’s penchant for changing the truth, they could find a way to change the data going into the UAH measure to yet again produce fake warming.
Then a couple of days ago, it finally dawned on me why Trump hasn’t done anything about the fake metrics. The reason is:

they are clearly fake!

And because they are so clearly fake, not even the alarmists believe in them. The result is almost everyone thinks climate alarmism is a joke. And for a president who doesn’t want to spend any money on the climate, that is a very good position.
Because if Trump had spent the $1billion as I would have liked, removing the obvious political bias that infests the global temperature measurement in all but one measure, and he did produce a global temperature that was credible. What then if it did rise or fall? He would then be under pressure to act.
Thus we learn:

that one of the best way to silence opposition, is to allow them to endulge in their fantasies and make claims so totally ridiculous that they are no longer credible and therefore even their valid arguments and concerns are treated as ridiculous.

However, I’m still pissed off with Trump. I would quite like to know what the actual global temperature is doing, and whilst UAH is by far the best measure we have, it still has serious problems, not least the absence of data from the poles.

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