Tommy Robinson – Scandal

I had a rather sleepness night last night after watching the videos of Tommy Robertson yesterday as they shook me out of my complacency. Everything I thought I knew about him (which I admit was not a lot) was wrong.
So, I started looking for information early this morning, I’ve watched videos puporting to say he’s a nasty guy because he got angry when some idiot was hassling him and I’ve now been to look at the vile hate sites like “HateNotHope” and I can’t find a single substantial accusation against him.
Instead, what I have seen is SECRET TRIALS and SUMMARY JUSTICE, with NO LEGAL REPRESENTATION OR RIGHT TO BE HEARD. Not … as a result of any crime – but because he was reading out a news report from the BBC. It is literally incredible that this can happen. It has totally shaken my faith in the legal system of Britain.
If I lived in the US – I would be going out RIGHT NOW to buy a gun, because from what I’ve just been reading I no longer believe the police or criminal system of this country is in any way benign, they are not there to protect us. It is there to repress us and deny our rights.

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2 Responses to Tommy Robinson – Scandal

  1. Shaun says:

    Thanks for alerting me to this. I too had assumed that I knew what Tommy stood for and that he was some kind of neo Nazi. I watched his police state video from York among other things. Allowing for the fact that he’s presenting his side of the story and may not report everything which may be said against him, I found the bail conditions which were completely unrelated to the charges a most worrying aspect. What sort of judge approves a bail condition restricting freedom of movement to certain areas which has nothing to do with the charges laid. How do police manage to make a charge and get an adjourned case and bail conditions in relation to a ‘car theft’ without presenting any evidence that the car is stolen? Two tier policing indeed.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      Thanks. The idea that justice is blind is a fiction. Quite clearly Tommy was treated very differently to other people. However, like you I don’t know the whole story, but there is clearly enough at odds with the fiction the press write to seriously question their accounts.
      However, the most worrying thing is the behaviour of the judge. I already had an extremely low opinion of British justice from what I saw happen to someone I know. I thought that was a one off extremely bad judge. it now seems that our judicial system is plagued by bad & very biased judges.

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