Tommy Robertson – must watch video at Oxford Union

It all started when I read that You Tube were going to be putting links to the absurd non-science on Wikipedia on all sceptic videos. So I immediately started looking for alternatives. Through that I then found a short video of Tommy Robertson (ironically on You tube) who had been jailed for reading out a BBC news article … that’s right! He was arrested and jailed for reading a BBC news articles.
At that point I – like most other people getting their news from the media – was thinking he was a Muslim hating extremist. That his views were born out of hatred, etc.
I now realise that I was very wrong. That “Nazi” persona is a TOTAL FABRICATION of the UK press. THEY HAVE LIED TO ME – JUST AS THEY HAVE LIED ON SO MANY ISSUES FROM GLOBAL WARMING TO BREXIT.
Indeed, I will now admit my views were racist – they were ANTI WHITE RACIST. I was literally shocked to find that the people Tommy was defending from extremist Muslim I was prejudiced against him because he was fair skinned, so I had not considered he was defending Africans or even Jews. Such is the brainwashing of our press!

I urge you to watch

Obviously, I have to add the caveat that watching one video which was clearly going to be very pro-Tommy Robertson is in no way thorough research. But even from that one video I can say quite categorically that I have been lied to by the British Press about the English Defence League.

But despite that caveat, this video is the most horrific thing I’ve seen – not for the extremity of the views Tommy Robinson expenses, but because they are so ordinary. But also because the response of the press politicians and police has been so extra-ordinary and almost certainly illegal. How can this happen?

If it happens to him, if his views have been so wholly misreported and his freedom of expression so completely shut down, then it could happen to all of us.

And indeed, this next video, shows intentional clearly wilful mistreatment of him in prison – when I can see no justification whatsoever for him being in jail in the first place.

I’m disgusted by the authorities in the UK.


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