How to survive the Climate Cult

To put it simply, the age of rationalism is over and we are now in the age of the brainwashed crazy climate cult. As a direct result, the UK is now heading toward a self-inflicted >30 year recession, the like of which will make every other recession look like a picnic.

This post, is simply me trying to work out what practically I can do to minimise the effects on me and those around me. Continue reading

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State of the Climate

To sum it up: Nice.

Warmer than the little ice-age, cooler than the climate optimum. No trends in severe weather and no hint of a cooling trend (which is the most concerning scenario that anyone can contemplate).

Best of all, whatever we do to CO2 – even if the climate cults worst ideas about feedbacks were true, there is absolutely no prospect of us seeing temperatures warmer than any previous climate optimum, because there is clearly a hard stop that prevents warming … so any warming would be limited and entirely beneficial.

But if I had to put it on a scale from 0 to 10 my “concern”. I would say 1/10 … because although we currently do not have any evidence to suggest it is happening, there is the  possibility that we may see a global civilisation alternating cooling trend develop.

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May commits UK to Permanent Recession

When I heard that there was a daft party in Australia committed to the economic insanity of “really tackling climate change”, I laughed at them. Because whilst I didn’t really want them to suffer the huge economic costs of the climate cult agenda, at least if the Aussies went first, the rest of the world would quickly see how stupid it was and that would be the end of that crazy talk.

However, I didn’t reckon on the stupidity of May who now free of any electoral constraint or any need to see through her own suicidal policy, wants to leave a legacy for the UK. Not the £350million a week that we pay to the EU, but MORE THAN £1 , 000 , 000, million (based on treasury estimates). Of course that is a vast underestimate … because the figure is based on conventional economics which doesn’t take account of the vicious cycle affects of the cost of rising energy. However, even based on that very Conservative (LOL) estimate of the cost, that’s 100% of GDP over the next 30 years which amounts to a DIRECT hit of 3% reduction in GDP per year. As the UK growth has not been above 3% in many years May is basically committing the UK to permanent recession.

However that is very much an UNDERESTIMATE of the cost of this insane commitment. So, let’s start laying out what it is likely to actually means:

The end of manufacturing in the UK

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The end of the scam?

The US presidential election takes place on 3rd November 2020. By that time, if Trump is to be re-elected he needs to not only convince those climate sceptics who voted for and worked to get him elected, it is worth wasting their time again when he’s done so little to push back on the climate cult, but he also needs to convince those luke warmer “climate alarmists” that the science is not on their side and they shouldn’t be pushing for a Democrat victory.

And it all starts in less than a week, on June 18th Trump holds his 2020 US presidential race”kickoff” rally in Orlando. If he’s going to win, given the Democrats area already focussing on climate, he’s got to start delivering on his promise to do something about the climate cult … and that doesn’t mean giving into them, but putting a stake right through its heart. Continue reading

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The Climate Cult

We sceptics won the argument on the climate science as much as a decade ago when all the “predictions” of the alarmists (as I then called them) came to nought. The temperature as given by the satellites (as opposed to adjusted by humans at NASA), showed no warming since the removal of cooling causing pollutants like SO2 and there was no trend in severe weather.

We won the scientific debate!! So we sceptics thought that was the end of the scam.


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Gab is great – why not join me! @haseler

On St.Patrick’s day, I thought I would find any twitter posters who might be interested to know that the evidence shows St.Patrick was born in Glasgow (and to know the people claiming otherwise are just ignoring the overwhelming evidence).
After a while I began wondering why no one was responding. Eventually I checked through another twitter account, only to find that I had been what is called “Shadow banned”. Apparently this happens to a lot of bloggers who put in URLs.
Well, for very good reason I was livid. I wouldn’t have minded if twitter had sent me a polite notice about posting URLs, but to let me think I was posting messages was not acceptable.
So, I finally decided to go online with
not least because I’ve seen an increasing number of people being “deplatformed” from facebook (I’ve deleted my account) and twitter – and I like to know what people are thinking – but clearly isn’t possible when extremist left wingers in twitter are decided who I can read.
So I’m now fairly regularly on gab. My handle is @haseler and the URL is: The only draw back on gab is that you’ll find you want to mute a few people – but unlike twitter, at least you know who you’ve muted and unlike twitter who are deplatforming almost anyone these days, you’ll know its for good reason.

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How Mars killed Global Warming

I did an interesting search today comparing public searches for “Global warming” with that of “Mars”. There is a strange co-incidence of changes that occur in 2009 (the year of Climategate).
It seems that the year Global Warming (blue) died as a major interest by the public, was the year Mars (Red) took off. Venus provides a control by showing no real trend at all during this period. It therefore seems likely that whilst interest in Venus is not related to Global warming, that interest in Mars is – and that the increased interest in Mars had a related cause to the sharp decline in interest in “Global Warming”.
Let me show you a blow up of metrics for Mars, Venus, Global warming around Climategate:
Climategate occurs at the end of 2009 and it results in a relatively small peak in interest in global warming. A few months later (late June 2010) interest in global warming drops and it never recovers.
That same month we start seeing headlines like: “Record 520-Day Mock Mars Mission Begins in Russia“. Then late June 2010, we see a dramatic and sustained increase in the interest in Mars.
Of course, the US Democrats will now believe that Global Warming died due to Russian interference (so they also promoted interest in Mars? What to send the US economy of a long and pointless wild goose chase?)
However, if you want real conspiracies:

Students Discover Cave on Mars

Realistically, I think that what this shows is that after Climategate, those that were pushing global warming decided to swap to pushing Mars. The obvious candidates with an interest in both fields are:

  • NASA – who perhaps thought Climategate had killed environ-mentalism as a long term source of funding NASA and so sought other “reasons” for the US public to pay
  • US government – see Mars as a way to get the public off the stupid Global Warming alarmism cult
  • The Russians (or Chinese) realising that the US is not going to commit economic suicide after Climategate – decide to encourage it to commit economic suicide by attempting to go to Mars.
  • News corp “science” reports got fed up of “Global Boring” and so starting covering Space instead.
  • There really was a cave on Mars filled by aliens and that in order to save humanity some film star has to spend most of the US’s economic output to go and talk to them (why does no one ever phones aliens?)
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The tide has turned on the global warming scam

For years, the only evidence of “global warming” except bogus faked NASA temperatures was an apparent melting of glaciers. I say “apparent”, because once people like NASA have been caught fiddling one lot of figures on global temperature, there’s no knowing what else they will fiddle.
NASA of cause asserted that it was beyond doubt that glaciers were melting because of their “warming” of the global temperature. However, sceptics like me thought it very possible that from 2000-2020 we are experiencing the warmest phase of the North Atlantic oscillation. This oscillation is due to changes in ocean currents.
The one thing that started to put me off this idea was that we couldn’t see any signs of the recooling. Ironically, who should give us the first evidence of the necessary changes that lead to cooling temperatures? Nasa!


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A Unified Theory of Recent Political Strife II

In my last post A Unified Theory of Recent Political Strife I outlined how the rise of the internet empowered new groups and had a similar effect to the rise of printing that both led to witch trials as well as political, religious and scientific progress.
In this article I want to explore the mechanisms by which this works. The basic theory is that by giving a group a “voice” to express their views and to hear others – whether a printed books, or an internet blog, you empower this group. There is obviously a big assumption here – that a voice gives power – which I’m not entirely confident is easily argued. Indeed, the inference is the other way around. Certain groups were empowered – whether it was those obsessed with witches in the past, or e.g. those obsessed with climate today – and it seems that the change in information technology was what gave them the power.
It seems that people with a voice and a means to communicate have power merely through that communication. Which in terms appears to me to mean that “society” cannot help but listen and treat their opinions seriously – even if there is no compulsion to do so. For I cannot see any other way that the simple act of giving people a voice ends up in power. How else do we explain how the disenfranchised men and women got the vote? Why would those with power give it away – unless some human nature forced them to give it away to those without power, but with the means to have their views heard?
The next assumption, is that those who previously did not have a voice, may gain power to do things which can both be “good” and also “evil”.
The next assumption – given that the problems of the printing revolution did eventually sort themselves out with an end to witch trials and a new structure for the Christian church, that in some ways society must adapt in order to tackle the “evil” that comes with these changes. One way this may happen, is simply improving education. So, the very books that encourage witch trials, may eventually be the means by which the population are educated that witch trials are bogus. Likewise, the very internet that created the global warming scare, is now the means by which the scare is being exposed for the scam it is.
Perhaps a model for this kind of process is as follows: that prior to the information revolution, destructive ideas such as the idea that Witches exist and can harm people do exist, but they exist within groups who have no power to do anything. So, these ideas are effectively harmless. Similarly, there have always been anti-capitalists, anti-fossil-fuel idiots, but in the pas they had no power to influence public policy.
Then along comes the information revolution, these enable ideas to cob communicated, to have bells and whistles added and the means to communicate them gives those who formerly had not power, power. The result is that crazy ideas burst out of the insane box and for a while wreck havoc. But it also appears that eventually society adapts. Perhaps in the case of Climate, that will be a new social norm where sceptics have power – or perhaps there will be a push back against the politicisation of schools and universities which have been so much involved with the climate craziness. So, a change in information technology, could have fairly dramatic changes in society. Those already in power, may be compelled to bring into government groups who formerly were ignored in order to restabilise society. Or as happened in England – society may take the change into its own hands and literally chop off the king’s head. Continue reading

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Saint Patrick born in Roman Nemeton (Old Kilpatrick)

Today is St.Patrick’s day. Whilst Patrick is well known as the patron Saint of Ireland, his birthplace in Scotland is less well known and this is not helped by several variants of fake history that have grown up suggesting other locations.
Patrick was a descendent of a Roman citizen, so presumably at one time his ancestors came from Rome or another location in the Roman empire, but his grandfather was a Roman citizen & a priest with property which many think must have been in Roman Britain. But the early lives of the Saint tell us he was born in Nemthur near Alt Cluid (Dumbarton Rock), so, at some point his family moved to Strathclyde, possibly as a result of one of the persecutions of Christians. Unfortunately we are not told whether his Grandfather inherited the estate after he moved to Strathclyde, or perhaps never moved, or indeed his grandfather’s estate may have been outside the empire.
But why did they move to Strathclyde? To understand this we must go back several hundred years before Patrick was born a Roman named Antonine decided to build a wall across Scotland from the Forth to Clyde in 142AD. This finished at the ford across the Clyde at the fort of Old Kilpatrick. We know that these forts would have had civilian “vicus” attached to them so undoubtedly there was also a large civilian settlement attached to the fort. And being on the Clyde near an important iron-age fort at Dumbarton, there is no doubt that this settlement would have seen a lot of trading ships coming up and down the west coast between Scotland and the Roman empire.
The Roman occupation of Scotland was not long lived as the wall was abandoned about 162AD. But clearly Strathclyde did not end it links with the Roman empire. The evidence for this comes from the numerous Roman coins found through the area of Strathclyde which continues and even increases toward the end of the Roman occupation of Britain. It seems Strathclyde continued to have close connections with Rome long after they formally left. Indeed, this was a typical pattern for the Romans that used to maintain pro-Roman “client kingdoms” on their borders. These were Kingdoms that the Romans kept sweet by limited train and even bribes, which acted as a “buffer” to more hostile states. If these client Kingdoms were attacked, Rome may offer support t them, but it often demanded that they in return furnish them with soldiers. This was likely the relationship between Rome and the Kingdom of Strathclyde or Alt Clud.
So, why would a Roman like Patrick’s family come to Strathclyde? The answer appears to be that there was a “little Rome” in Strathclyde very much like we might get “little China” – an area where immigrants tend to come because there are already immigrants. This may have started with the wall, but it kept going because of a regular influx of news immigrants in the form of runaway slaves. They could have come from anywhere in and around the Roman empire, so far from the idea that people have had of a barbaric mono-cultural Scotland Strathclyde was probably a very multi-cultural place!
But why did it become a Christian centre? We know that Christianity was particularly strong amongst the slaves of Rome, it is likely that increasingly amongst the runaway slaves would be Christians. This gives us a reason why Patrick’s grandfather priest may have come to Strathclyde. The slaves may have been Christians – the congregation of Christians were there, but they may have lacked priests and Patrick’s Grandfather may have moved simply to fulfil this role.
However, a less benign cause was the numerous persecutions of Christians. We know that St.Albans was beheaded in the late 3rd century for sheltering a priest. We are not told what happened to the priest – but it’s a fair bet they got out the Roman empire ASAP. And where would they go? Strathclyde – which was conveniently outside the empire, and because of the Roman Wall a hundred years early already had a sizeable population of Christians.
Is there any proof that Strathclyde was a Christian centre? Yes!

  1. First we have Patrick’s own writings telling us his grandfather was a priest and his father a deacon. So at least Old Kilpatrick had some Christians of Patrick’s own family.
  2. Then we have the earliest Christian graves in Scotland dating from the 5th or 6th century (the time of Patrick) just across the Clyde from Old Kilpatrick in Govan.
  3. Then we have the foundation of Govan by “St. Constantine” who is said to be of the Strathclyde Royal family. This shows that even royalty were Christianised, presumably at the date of the earliest Graves in Govan in the 5th and 6th century.
  4. Finally we are told that Gildas (the first Church historian of Britain born ~500AD) came from Strathclyde. It seems highly unlikely people in Strathclyde would be sending their sons to become monks, unless they were already Christian.

But the final clincher for me that proves beyond doubt that Patrick came from Old Kilpatrick (known as Nemthur) is that we have a record of this place in the early list of British places known as the Ravenna Cosmography. This gives us a list of places “where Britain is thinnest”, that is where the Antonine wall is located, but it doesn’t say “on the wall”, so although some were undoubtedly on the wall, not all of them were. This had long confused Roman Scholars who assumed the places were a list of forts solely on the wall. This was wrong! The clue they were not aware of was a note to Nennius which tell s that there were only 7 forts along the wall. If we look on the list we find that (assuming a small copy error combined two place names), the seventh entry for the last fort at Old Kilpatrick is Nemeton which is clearly a Romanised version of Nemthur. The previous one is Medio (Bal-mulidy) and the next is SUB-DOBIADON which is clearly Dumbarton.

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