Why Trump is not getting rid of the fake “warming” metrics

When Trump got into office and sceptics finally got a say in the government of the US, I made strenuous efforts to try to get them to invest in temperature measurements so that we could finally get a measure of the global temperature, that no one could dispute. That would require at least a polar orbiting satellite to be launched or the wholesale upgrade of land based measurements with for example areas of as much as 1kilometer square being bought to ensure the minimum contamination of data by change in land use.

It clearly did not happen.

Today we still regularly find idiots pushing the NASA fake temperature graph and claiming it is real. Indeed, personally, there’s only one metric I look at which is UAH. And that seems a dangerous position, because at any point, given NASA etc.’s penchant for changing the truth, they could find a way to change the data going into the UAH measure to yet again produce fake warming.

Then a couple of days ago, it finally dawned on me why Trump hasn’t done anything about the fake metrics. The reason is:

they are clearly fake!

And because they are so clearly fake, not even the alarmists believe in them. The result is almost everyone thinks climate alarmism is a joke. And for a president who doesn’t want to spend any money on the climate, that is a very good position.

Because if Trump had spent the $1billion as I would have liked, removing the obvious political bias that infests the global temperature measurement in all but one measure, and he did produce a global temperature that was credible. What then if it did rise or fall? He would then be under pressure to act.

Thus we learn:

that one of the best way to silence opposition, is to allow them to endulge in their fantasies and make claims so totally ridiculous that they are no longer credible and therefore even their valid arguments and concerns are treated as ridiculous.

However, I’m still pissed off with Trump. I would quite like to know what the actual global temperature is doing, and whilst UAH is by far the best measure we have, it still has serious problems, not least the absence of data from the poles.

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Good riddance to Google news on uClimate.com

The uClimate.com collects together all the latest changes on blogs and presents them as a single page.  A long time ago, I included the google news feed for climate because at that time it used to include sceptic articles. But as we all know Google, like the BBC became a fake news pusher and whereas the actual news coverage was that sceptical articles had overtaken alarmist fake news – Google decided to totally change the ratio so that alarmist fake news was in the overwhelming majority (4 to 1?)

At that time, I looked for impartial alternative feeds for news, but finding none, I had little alternative than to label them as “alarmist” and treat them like all the other alarmists blogs I also collected news from.

Fortunately, however, today I got, instead of a news article “this feed is deprecated”. So, they’ve stopped supporting that feed. I think if I looked hard I might find an alternative, but to be honest I’m glad to have an excuse to stop putting google fake news onto uClimate.

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Tommy Robinson – Scandal

I had a rather sleepness night last night after watching the videos of Tommy Robertson yesterday as they shook me out of my complacency. Everything I thought I knew about him (which I admit was not a lot) was wrong.

So, I started looking for information early this morning, I’ve watched videos puporting to say he’s a nasty guy because he got angry when some idiot was hassling him and I’ve now been to look at the vile hate sites like “HateNotHope” and I can’t find a single substantial accusation against him.

Instead, what I have seen is SECRET TRIALS and SUMMARY JUSTICE, with NO LEGAL REPRESENTATION OR RIGHT TO BE HEARD. Not … as a result of any crime – but because he was reading out a news report from the BBC. It is literally incredible that this can happen. It has totally shaken my faith in the legal system of Britain.

If I lived in the US – I would be going out RIGHT NOW to buy a gun, because from what I’ve just been reading I no longer believe the police or criminal system of this country is in any way benign, they are not there to protect us. It is there to repress us and deny our rights.

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Tommy Robertson – must watch video at Oxford Union

It all started when I read that You Tube were going to be putting links to the absurd non-science on Wikipedia on all sceptic videos. So I immediately started looking for alternatives. Through that I then found a short video of Tommy Robertson (ironically on You tube) who had been jailed for reading out a BBC news article … that’s right! He was arrested and jailed for reading a BBC news articles.

At that point I – like most other people getting their news from the media – was thinking he was a Muslim hating extremist. That his views were born out of hatred, etc.

I now realise that I was very wrong. That “Nazi” persona is a TOTAL FABRICATION of the UK press. THEY HAVE LIED TO ME – JUST AS THEY HAVE LIED ON SO MANY ISSUES FROM GLOBAL WARMING TO BREXIT.

Indeed, I will now admit my views were racist – they were ANTI WHITE RACIST. I was literally shocked to find that the people Tommy was defending from extremist Muslim I was prejudiced against him because he was fair skinned, so I had not considered he was defending Africans or even Jews. Such is the brainwashing of our press!

I urge you to watch

Obviously, I have to add the caveat that watching one video which was clearly going to be very pro-Tommy Robertson is in no way thorough research. But even from that one video I can say quite categorically that I have been lied to by the British Press about the English Defence League.

But despite that caveat, this video is the most horrific thing I’ve seen – not for the extremity of the views Tommy Robinson expenses, but because they are so ordinary. But also because the response of the press politicians and police has been so extra-ordinary and almost certainly illegal. How can this happen?

If it happens to him, if his views have been so wholly misreported and his freedom of expression so completely shut down, then it could happen to all of us.

And indeed, this next video, shows intentional clearly wilful mistreatment of him in prison – when I can see no justification whatsoever for him being in jail in the first place.

I’m disgusted by the authorities in the UK.


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WTO rules

Right from the beginning when we saw the EU attitude to the timescale for us leaving, it was clear the EU were going to be behaving like a spoilt spouse doing all they can to wreck the future life of their former marriage partner.

So, I thought it was inevitable that we would leave without an agreement. However, everyone else seemed to expect a deal, so I will admit, for a while I wondered if they were right. But after May’s treacherous “out in name only” offer to the EU, I thought they EU would certainly grab it with both hands, because it was the worst of all possible deals for the UK: subject to all the rules and bureaucracy of the EU but without any say at all about those rules. In effect we would become a foreign dominion of the EU.

Fortunately, the expected hatred of the EU to anyone daring to rid themselves of EU control seems to be prevailing … even over the “common sense” that May’s treacherous deal was the worst possible “deal” we could get. The result is that, as people realise the EU has no intention of allowing us to have a deal, more and more people are seriously talking about leaving on WTO rules. Which I think is great! Because there is so much wrong with the EU, that we really need perhaps 5-10 years TOTALLY detached from the EU, to totally reset our relationship with that tyrannical dictatorship and then that will allow us to know what if anything we do want to work with them AS EQUAL PARTNERS in future trade deals.

Obviously, I can’t pretend that situation will be great – because, like the worst empires, it is the practice of the EU to intentionally destroy the economies on its borders in order to give them no choice but to join. That was a severe problem to countries sandwiched between Russia and the EU with one, or other or BOTH easily able to block their trade. So I have the greatest sympathy for them. But fortunately Britain is big enough, with enough international borders to the worlds and stubborn enough to tell the EU to take a high jump.

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Twitter lies

For obvious reasons given my support for Brexit I’ve been monitoring the #Brexit hashtag, then with May’s total betrayal of Brexit I started tweeting and monitoing the hashtag #MayMustGo.

But something strange happened. Suddenly everyone seemed to be against Brexit – or at least I couldn’t see those who were for Brexit. Then the hashtag #MayMustGo changed from having a new hashtag every few seconds to having only 1-3 every hour. I didn’t believe people had stopped using the hashtag, and I was right. As I found this tweet from a climate sceptic:

And whilst they have clearly tweeted on the hashtag #MayMustGo – I simply cannot find their message on the list of tweets:

MayMustGoIt is very clear that twitter are deliberately blocking the hashtag. It therefore seems almost certain that the reason the brexit hastag is now filled with pro-EU supporters (many of them clearly paid lobbyists) is because they’ve blocked brexit supporters from that hashtag.

Twitter are clearly taking money to push a particular political position.

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In retrospect the remoaner May’s plan was cunningly simple: lie to the people of Britain about fulfilling our instruction to leave the EU & leave the EU in nothing but name. Thus leaving us stuck with all the same extremely costly and destructive rules and regulations foisted on us by the EU – the only change being we couldn’t vote even just to register our protest by voting for UKIP MEPs. Then in a few years of sitting on the fence, one leg in, one leg out, with a picket stuck up our back side, remoaner May or the next remoaner PM would announce to all our treacherous MPs backed by the Brainwashing BBC: “leaving has not worked” … and they would all agree that there was no need for any further referendum and tell us we are rejoining the anti-democratic EU.

I’ve already left the Tories which I joined to help them see this plan through. I’m going to give them a short while to see whether they accept that Boris Johnson is right (undoubtedly our best choice for PM), and if the Tories decide to commit political suicide, then I’m rejoining UKIP.

Yes, I realise that means Labour are almost certain to get in at the next election, but so too will a substantial number of UKIP MPs. And that means at the election after that (which given Labour’s shambolic record may not be long), UKIP have a realistic prospect of gaining power and forcing through the Brexit which we voted for, and were told by the lying May that she would deliver.

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The plastics scare killed global warming

Quite a few years ago, we started getting articles about plastic being digested by marine creatures. Given that marine creatures swallow inert sand in the same way as they swallow inert plastic, and presumably in a similar way birds swallow stones, there clearly wasn’t any harm.

Aside: If this scam is like the global warming one – sure I’ll be labelled a “plastic denier” for daring to suggest it’s a scam and yes I do object to plastic on the beach, but to be honest, if I’m swimming I much more strongly object to jellyfish and sandflies.

I knew something odd was happening when I heard the idiotic Scottish assembly leader puffing up about “banning straws”. Now, I’ve seen many things on beaches, but straws wasn’t one of them. So this move was totally bizarre and clearly had nothing to do with the problem. And when the proposed eco-nutter action has nothing at all to do with the problem … it’s a very clear sign of another environmental scam.

However, except for pointing out to some people who seem to be unaware, that most plastic in the seas come from Asia, and the rest mostly from Africa (where they dump rubbish in rivers) and that we have almost nothing to do with plastic pollution … I’ve been content to let this latest environmental idiocy slither by.

However … the fact that the media and press and all the other numbskulls are latching onto plastics as the latest fad …. does show that the global warming scare is dead. Indeed, now I come to think about it, no doubt last year’s downturn in google searches for “global warming”, is because dumb gullible pupils are now being told to do their latest eco-nutter projects on “plastics”.

So let’s have a look for “plastic waste” and “plastic pollution”:

Plastic_eco_nutter_scare As predicted, just as “global warming” dropped last year after being on a ~5yr “pause”, so “plastic pollution/waste” increased. Unfortunately, the comparison isn’t easy as the plastic scam hasn’t yet hit on the same catch all phrase to equate to “global warming”, but clearly the plastic scare took off last year as the global warming scare dropped.

So, it’s clear to me, the rise of the plastic scam is killing the global warming scam. And the plastic scam, like the global warming scam, and the ozone/refrigerant scam, will in turn be driven by pure commercial greed.

That’s not too difficult to work out. Given that straws and cups were early targets, the key driver the commercial driver will be those who have a product they want used instead of the plastic varieties. And that in turn probably means that there’s been a technological revolution in paper straws and cups which although they cost more, and no doubt have no real environmental benefit, someone with the ear of politicians wants to force the public to buy their product through legislation.

My guess, therefore, is that (plasticised) paper cup/straw suppliers have been giving huge sums to eco-nutters to go on endlessly about the harm of plastics in order to create a market for plastic (not) replacements through legislation, and which does nothing at all to “solve” the problem which the eco-nutters are going on about (massive pollution of plastics from Asia and Africa).

The more I understand how these fads are created by pure greed – the more cynical I become that anything the MSM go on about has any morality.

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The death of Global Warming

There’s a scene in 1million years BC when the hero caveman has thrown a spear into a dinosaur and it lies on its side and all that is heard is its breathing until it stops.

Likewise, the search volumes for “global warming” go through a regularly yearly cycle with a summer minimum (during the University break). This cycle peaked in 2006/7, dropped down rapidly to 2011/12 where it remained pretty constant “gasping its last” until 2016/17. But this year the search volumes are down sharply to around 2/3 of the 2012-2016 “pause” (difficult to see below as the level was already so low).

GoogleTrendLikewise, I searched for recent news concerning “global warming”.  A few years ago there’d be a couple of news stories each hour, today that volume was a similar number a day. Of course, it would be a lot higher if Google didn’t block from their news outlet anyone scientifically sceptical like WUWT.

The key failure of climate academics

And finally. I’ve worked out the reason for this entire debacle. It comes down to a rather obscure misunderstanding of the basics of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics by climate academics (who aren’t the brightest sparks in the box).  It would take a great deal of time to explain. But to put it as simply: they misunderstand heat. That in itself is not a problem many good scientists do, but that means that most (all?) have no proper understanding of statistical mechanics . Which in itself is not a problem, … but unless you have a clear understanding of statistical mechanic, you will never properly understand how to treat noise and natural variation within the climate. And that is where they completely utterly balls up. They went completely arse over tit.

But as I said: they’re not the brightest sparks in the box … and add to that their arrogance and complete failure to admit when they’re so obviously wrong. Well, it’s a bit like trying to explain to someone from a tribe in the remotest part of Amazon how nuclear reactors work. Anyone can learn given time – and given time I’m certain I could get at least some climate academics to understand. But it will just take a lot more time than most and to be frank, just as the general public don’t care about the subject any longer, nor do I.

So let them be clueless.

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The bee gods

Last year I was a beekeeper, this year as my queen died over the winter and the population plummeted in the spring before I could get another queen, I was expecting to cease being a beekeeper.

But never one to give up, I got a new queen as early as I could, I’d asked all three local bee associations for help (which none were willing to give), I’d downsized the hive – leaving it where the old one had been, so that returning bees would go to the same place, and given it will be three weeks before new bees from the queen start being productive, I had bought a “micro” hive about the size of a shoebox and was considering downsizing again to something about 1/30 the size of the hive last year.

But things were dire. Bees at this time of year don’t live long, and below a critical threshold, there just aren’t enough bees to look after enough young to sustain the population, it didn’t look promising. I desperately needed to find a way to boost numbers and literally every bee now counted for them to have any chance .

Things were so desperate, I had thought of cunning plans to capture any other bees that were around. I set up a trap, but it only caught TWO bees!! I was literally at the stage of picking up bees that had “got lost” around the hive++, when I heard a buzzing sound (a warm day about 4.30pm). Now a buzzing sound around a hive is not unusual. But this was more the intensity of a a helicopter … and looking up what do I see, but the sky is filled with bees. And unlike the only swarm I’ve ever seen, these weren’t going anywhere, instead they were flying around and around above my head.

I had to capture this swarm.

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