Wind industry – greatest scam of our age?

From the Daily Mail:
Scarcely a day goes by without more evidence to show why the Government’s obsession with wind turbines, now at the centre of our national energy policy, is one of the greatest political blunders of our time.
Under a target agreed with the EU, Britain is committed within ten years — at astronomic expense — to generating nearly a third of its electricity from renewable sources, mainly through building thousands more wind turbines.
But the penny is finally dropping for almost everyone — except our politicians — that to rely on windmills to keep our lights on is a colossal and very dangerous act of self-deception.
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The lies about Green Jobs

Back in 2000/1 when I used to attend the Scottish Parliamentary Renewable Energy Group I regularly pushed them to look at the economic impact of wind energy on Scotland. I knew there was a problem, because despite the 45,000 jobs (sometimes the figure was 35,000) that were supposed to come “if we invested in wind”, the evidence from my own contacts to every single “renewables” company I could find in the UK, was that they were all small, far too small to get involved in the wind energy program being pushed by the then Westminster government and Scottish Executive at the behest of SPREG and its English counterpart.
It was painfully obvious to me, having done the real research of someone who wanted to do business with renewable companies in Scotland and/or the UK, that there was no one out there who was a serious contender for creating jobs. Continue reading “The lies about Green Jobs”

Let them Walk

Just one quote says it all:

Central Taxis estimates it will save around 4,000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere by signing up to a project capturing methane gas from China’s Tieling coal mines. (Guardian)

Apparently this is all the rage these days. Saving the planet from impending climate doom supposedly caused by fossil fuel, by buying carbon indulgences to capture more fossil fuel from a fossil fuel mine, to provide a thin greenwash to cover the fossil fuel burnt in the taxis.
Why don’t they just walk? Continue reading “Let them Walk”

Irish Elections a Warning for Scottish Greens?

Thanks to Bishop Hill I learnt the supprising fate of the Irish Greens which seems to point the way things will go in the May Scottish elections. Funnily, enough I was just talking to my better half yesterday about the Greens last night when Patrick Harvie appeared (yet again) on the BBC.
The original Scottish Green MSP was Robin Harper Continue reading “Irish Elections a Warning for Scottish Greens?”

Herald Letter: Does Wind Need Hydro?

There is a letter in the Herald replying to a previous correspondent’s “several criticisms of wind power”. (Herald letter)
I’ll start with the interesting bit which is a debate about whether Hydro or Pump Storage should be a priority. On the one side are the wind maniacs who say that we should do everything to promote wind (mainly because that is how most of them make money) and they are worried that sooner or later as they force the decommissioning of base load coal and gas, the lights will start turning out on cold still days and that may make a few people angry. So, they want us to build a lot of pump storage (presumably the hydrogen powered economy having proven a complete pie-in-sky wetdream).
But, annoyingly for wind, Continue reading “Herald Letter: Does Wind Need Hydro?”

Eyes, Eyes, and yet more Eyes

The title seemed pretty unambiguous:

“Study on connection between global warming and eye health”

How odd? How, I wondered could the minuscule changes in global temperature be linked to eye health. Perhaps it was the outbreak of some deadly eye eating bacteria? A well known medical phenomena whereby millions of people just spontaneous loose their sight if the temperature warms? Swarms of flies, poisonous frogs jumping over slumbering villagers, vampire bats homing in on eyes? No the clue was literally the first sentence of the article:

“NEW DELHI: Are rising temperatures and increased ultraviolet radiation making more and more Indians suffer from serious eye diseases?” (The Times of India)

Yes! That’s right, Continue reading “Eyes, Eyes, and yet more Eyes”

A Blast from the Past

A long time ago before Al Gore “invented” the internet and climate change meant “global cooling”, the environmentals having failed to persuade the world that impending nuclear war would be the end of civilisation they invented a new threat called a “nuclear winter”.
The scenario seemed plausible: the detonation of a number of nuclear weapons would cause clouds of dust to be blasted up into the atmosphere, blocking off the sun and causing worldwide temperatures to plummet and devastating food crops, leading to worldwide starvation and the end of all life on earth. Continue reading “A Blast from the Past”

How Green and Sustainable is Wind?

With recent announcements of plans to use forestry commission land for yet more industrial wind complexes, Scotland is going to see further areas of former green forest cleared to make way for foreign wind machines.
The real irony, is that if you wanted green energy, then the trees themselves are far better at capturing natural renewable energy than these foreign produced monstrosities which are quite rightly called “bird mincers”! Has anyone ever heard of a tree killing a bird?
We in Scotland live in an upside down world, where the biggest single climatic affect is the deaths of thousands of elderly over the winter, yet the government would have us increase fuel costs in a vane attempt to make the climate colder; green natural home-grown energy sources like trees are being cut down to make way for foreign bird killing machines, and far from promoting tourism which is one of the main industries in Scotland, the government seem hell bent to destroy the natural landscape which is one of the main attraction for those tourists.
But we’ve got to be sustainable”
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The Heretic

At London’s Royal Court Theatre last week, a new play opened to rave reviews. It’s about an environmental scientist who doesn’t believe in global warming.
Dr Diane Cassell is a lead academic in Earth Sciences who is at odds with the orthodoxy over the climate change. She finds herself increasingly vilified and is forced to ask if the issue is becoming political as well as personal. Could the belief in anthropogenic global warming be the most attractive religion of the 21st century?
I can’t wait for it to come to Scotland.

Surprisingly, this play on climate change is an absolute corker.
Rating: * * * * (Telegraph review)

Scottish Sceptic

Some might say that the very nature of Scottishness is scepticism; I think it comes with the climate: cold & wet in winter and wet and cold in summer. I’m sure this scepticism or as others might call it: “prudence” is why Scotland used to be renowned for its engineering, science and banking. From James Watt to Scottish widows, the culture of scepticism was key to the Scottish economy.
Where did it all go?  These days being a sceptic, or as the Royal Society of Science’s motto puts it: “taking no one’s word for it”, far from being an integral part of science and the economy is actually despised in both. Banking is all about gambling, risk taking and we saw where that went. “Science” is actively hostile to the sceptic who doesn’t tow tow to the almighty word of the climate “scientist” even when the climategate emails shows they were hardly acting in a scientific way.
The saddest day for the Scottish nation must surely have been in June 2009 when all MSPs voted voted to cut the nation’s CO2 emissions by 42% by 2020. A totally futile gestures by 128 deluded politicians who had fallen for the lies and deceit about impending global warming. Scotland is a country where thousands of people die each and every year from the cold, the main effect of this policy will be to increase the cost of fuel, so that more of the most vulnerable people in Scotland will be unable to heat their homes resulting in yet more deaths.
Where was the science, the prudence, the scepticism? Where was the integrity, where was the 45,000 jobs we were promised when the UK started wasting billions on wind energy? Gone!