Launch of my election campaign for UK parliament 2015

I have today worked out that one would only need £1100 to stand at next years election and that mean with funding I could stand against Jo Swinson, Lib Dem Minister so utterly pro global warming that my sides ache laughing listening to her. Jo Swinson car crash interview with Andrew Neil (07Oct14) The costs […]

“Green” Energy Suspected of killing Red Kites to Clear for Windparks

By P Gosselin on 7. Juli 2014 The dispute over windpark development on some of Germany’s most idyllic landscapes is heating up rapidly and massively. And should the dispute continue on its current trajectory, it won’t be long before the ugly contraptions get stopped for good. The dispute reached a boiling point recently with windpark […]

Herald: Scotland has modest shale gas and oil resources, survey suggests

This looks an important article for energy supplies in Scotland. Monday 30 June 2014 Scotland has modest shale gas and oil resources, an assessment by the British Geological Survey suggests. The estimates for the Midland Valley suggest shale gas resources of 80 trillion cubic feet – considerably lower than the 1,300 trillion cubic feet thought […]

How Green and Sustainable is Wind?

With recent announcements of plans to use forestry commission land for yet more industrial wind complexes, Scotland is going to see further areas of former green forest cleared to make way for foreign wind machines. The real irony, is that if you wanted green energy, then the trees themselves are far better at capturing natural […]

Scottish Sceptic

Some might say that the very nature of Scottishness is scepticism; I think it comes with the climate: cold & wet in winter and wet and cold in summer. I’m sure this scepticism or as others might call it: “prudence” is why Scotland used to be renowned for its engineering, science and banking. From James […]