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Global warming trends

Every so often I go and have a look at the global warming search term trends to see how things are going. This time I’ve collected them together. The general overview of searches Below is an overview of the trend … Continue reading

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The Weather Isn’t Getting Weirder

Found this article in the trash. I can’t remember why it wasn’t published, but given the latest IPCC I thought it worth reminding everyone that there is no evidence of increasing extremes. I remember it well because the researchers had … Continue reading

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I’ve got a little list

This is just a list of where the science now contradicts climate alarmism. I’m sure there’s more, but I just thought it would be interesting to see what I could remember. But first let’s outline the real scientific (not hearsay) … Continue reading

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Andrew Turnbull: Even Darwin And Galileo Would Fail The BBC’s Latest Science Test

The Biased Broadcasting Company really have shot themselves in the foot with the Jones debacle and I’m in no mood to make excuses for that worthless bunch of hypocritical morons. The simple fact is David Kelly died because the system … Continue reading

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I was attracted to read this article in the, because it sounded like  someone had produced a list of things that could actually be linked to global warming … and unlike climate alarmists, I like to read all the … Continue reading

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Ireland records coldest June and July in 50 years

So much for global warming! Ireland’s summer heatwave is still missing in action – and there’s no sign of it turning up anytime soon. Experts at Met Eireann, the Irish state weather service, have confirmed the country has just experienced … Continue reading

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Peer review

I couldn’t help chuckling as first I read unrealclimate desperately trying to find some way to knock down the paper that proves their models are wrong. The paper has been published in a journal called Remote sensing which is a … Continue reading

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Arctic scientist under investigation

The story is too confused and is too likely to be all hot air … or maybe not. So I’ll leave it to you to decide and just post the link:  

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The death knell for global warming alarmism

Two reports have or are coming up with I believe is the nail in the coffin of global warming. There will always be idiots who believe this nonsense, but the evidence against the ridiculous “it’s got to be CO2 as … Continue reading

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A lot of people believe this means hot, dry summers and milder, wetter, stormier winters.

Bill Giles has got himself into the Daily Mail trying to explain why its been a terrible summer (I thought England had done OK and it was just Scotland). So, what does he say: basically its all the fault of … Continue reading

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