Crunch Year for global warming (= the scam)

2016 will undoubtedly be the crunch year for “global warming” – undoubtedly the biggest scam in the whole of history – pushed relentlessly by academia and the public sector against the interest of the western economies. The satellites are the only credible measure of global temperature (the surface data being nothing short of fraudulent with […]

The theory of non-causality

In logic, there is a requirement the world is structured such that A->B which can be read “if A then B”, but is often assumed to mean: “A causes B”. As a physicist, I was indeed taught that the whole world could be dissected into smaller and smaller constituent parts and that these could all […]

An Aspiring Scientist’s Frustration with Modern-Day Academia

Judith Curry alerted me to a really good article “Here’s one way to reach a consensus“. I think very accurately describes the environment within which the global warming scare flourished and sceptical-science was repressed. Here’s a good excerpt. You need only know is that her own academic she was attacking based his views on actual […]

Acidgate – more clear evidence of a $trillion fraud – I doubt it will make the news

Over at Jo Nova, she has one of the clearest instances of criminal fraud that has been seen in this whole $trillion global warming scam. To put it simply, at the same time as telling us CO2 will cause “ocean acidification” the “scientists” (and how anyone can call such crooks scientists is beyond me), have […]