The theory of non-causality

In logic, there is a requirement the world is structured such that A->B which can be read “if A then B”, but is often assumed to mean: “A causes B”. As a physicist, I was indeed taught that the whole world could be dissected into smaller and smaller constituent parts and that these could all […]

Simplified atmospheric model

I want to examine three extreme models of the atmosphere: entirely transparent, entirely opaque and entirely transparent to visible and opaque to IR. From this I will show that the presumed adiabatic lapse through the atmosphere of “33C” must be too low and a better figure is closer to 36C For information on models etc. […]

A scientist's guide to greenhouse warming.

Over the years I have seen many people arguing about how the Greenhouse effect works and from these discussions it is clear that most people misunderstand it. That is not to say that adding a greenhouse gas like CO2 to a typical atmosphere like the earth’s should not cause warming. Instead, whilst this “greenhouse” warming […]

The Human Reptile?

A long time ago animals were divided into “mammals” and “reptiles” from Latin repere “to crawl, creep”. Reptiles were the cold blooded, scaly creatures who lurked in cold water laid eggs and were basically “not nice” like fluffy furry mammals. Then along came James Cooke, the discovery of Australia and with it the Platypus an […]

PDO and El Nino: resonant response to natural variation?

In a recent article by Kevin Trenberth amongst his silly comments he mentioned El Nino and Pacific Decadal Variability as one of many “the dog ate my warming” type excuses to deny the scientific fact of the pause. In my comment to his diabtribe I suggested that PDO is very likely being just a manifestation […]