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The future of the press and media

50 years ago, anyone who wanted to sell a house, a car, or advertise a job, had very little choice other than to pay the enormous costs of advertising demanded by newspapers. And anyone looking for a job, a house, … Continue reading

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May commits UK to Permanent Recession

When I heard that there was a daft party in Australia committed to the economic insanity of “really tackling climate change”, I laughed at them. Because whilst I didn’t really want them to suffer the huge economic costs of the … Continue reading

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The end of the scam?

The US presidential election takes place on 3rd November 2020. By that time, if Trump is to be re-elected he needs to not only convince those climate sceptics who voted for and worked to get him elected, it is worth … Continue reading

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Are we, the public, being played like an orchestra by the media?

The fashion industry plan “new” “exciting” “fashion” years in advance in a cynical manipulation of consumers (mostly women). The way the SNP have been allowed to go on at length about Brexit and referendum in Scotland seems to me to … Continue reading

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My perfect polical party manifesto

After my experience in UKIP, I’ve realised that there are huge issues with all the present political parties as none of them represent my views. So, I was wondering what a political party would look like if it had a … Continue reading

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A discussion proposal for the future

Whether you believe in global warming or not, few can doubt that the system of climate monitoring is broke and that public trust is at an all time low. Having observed the “system” from outside for over a decade now, … Continue reading

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Parking global warming

It is said, that if you navigate a super-tanker, that you need to think miles ahead because of the time it takes the super-tanker to respond. Likewise, government is a bit dim-witted and ideas tend to get absorbed more in … Continue reading

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And Trump wins?

I see that the current US delegate count is Trump 845 Cruz 559 Kasich (who) 148 So, Trump is gettingĀ  54% of delegates. There are 733 left to decide and Trump needs 1237 for a nomination. 733x.54 = 399 which … Continue reading

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Is the El Nino over?

Earlier this year I proclaimed “this year global cooling”. As usual I was hedging my bets because that claim would be true even if only started to see significant cooling in December. However, looking at the latest El Nino report, … Continue reading

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First the Scottish Nazionalist Party wins, then ISIS, now the Front Nationale – what next?

According to France24: France’s far-right National Front pulled off an historic win Sunday, topping the vote nationally in the first round of regional elections, exit polls showed. What links this with the SNP massive landslide in Scotland? Is it that … Continue reading

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