The use of conspiracy theories to hide the truth

When Lewandowsky tried to attack climate sceptics as “moon landing conspiracists”, it opened my eyes to the possibility of using what he called “conspiracy ideationism” to attack groups and the possibility that it can be used to hide the truth. The earliest evidence I know in which a conspiracy theory very conveniently appeared in such […]

The Caterpillar Effect: Now with second confirmation it must be rock solid science

[Note: This post reports confirmation that the theory I presented a while back on tectonic plate movement has been confirmed and is sound science. However, given the deafening silence I will make it sticky for a while.] Back in 2015 when I first published the Caterpillar Theory on this blog (Overview), I was taking a […]

The Post-Internet-Revolution society

I’ve been watching the tweets of every MSP and MP for the last fortnight – and whilst I had a pretty dim opinion of our “pro-oil anti-fossil-fuel) Holyrood MSPs before I’ve started, I’ve gone from thinking they’re deluded to thinking they are a waste of time. They care nothing at all about industry, industrial policy, […]

The theory that will bring down global warming

The way global warming works is complex and multifaceted, and no single model will encompass all the effects neatly into one package. However there are two simplifications in common use. One (the heat trapping model) presents a view of a change in CO2 as changing the rate of heat flow thus “tipping” the planet into […]

A complete description of factors affecting global temperature

Following yesterday’s article about lapse rate I was frustrated by what I left out. So as a mental exercise, I set myself the challenge of putting down something about all the major things that affect climate and particularly global temperature. Summary The main things affecting global temperature can be categorised as: Incoming solar radiation The […]

Can variations in lapse rate & cloud cover explain ice-age temperature changes and the inter-glacial "hard stop"?

I woke up this morning thinking about the most fundamental issue of climate: If the temperature of the earth is set by the blackbody radiation temperature of the earth … and that is fixed in turn by the sun … then how do we see global temperature change. To rephrase: if there is a greenhouse […]