The Post-Internet-Revolution society

I’ve been watching the tweets of every MSP and MP for the last fortnight – and whilst I had a pretty dim opinion of our “pro-oil anti-fossil-fuel) Holyrood MSPs before I’ve started, I’ve gone from thinking they’re deluded to thinking they are a waste of time. They care nothing at all about industry, industrial policy, […]

Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the most electable politician of them all?

The press, hammered by lost advertising revenue, are now little more than copy and paste merchants. The result is the “reality” politicians see is increasingly an uncritical mirror of themselves. We’ve all seen the graph below. This shows that the “reality” as believed by the scientific establishment has increasingly diverged from the reality of the […]

UKIP: The revolution is upon us.

Back in January I began realising that society was going through a massive social change as a result of social media. It started with the realisation that the mainstream on climate was no longer the “mainstream” media, but in reality the “mainstream” was the blogosphere. (Climate bloggers: is CNM killing the Mainstream Media?) Slowly, I […]