Just Mental: Carrot will lose Taste due to Climate Change

“Australian scientists fear climate change will also have great impact on consumers similar to problems faced by farm lands. They believe carrots will lose its taste and steaks will be of poor quality.” (The market Business) It’s while since of used the category “Goat Toads”. Referring to any ridiculous article based on a bit of […]

Talk to a Climate Denier: contact Business Green

Sometimes the stupidity of the pause deniers just leaves me laughing and this was typical. I saw Business Naive had an article: Need to talk to a Climate [pause] denier? Here’s How And I was going to make a sarky comment like email the Royal Society, Met Office, BBC, Guardian, Independent, NOAA, Penn-itentiary, etc. When […]

The Green-Blobby

The greenblob is a gross overweight uncaring parasite on humanity. Now Jo Nova has gone better referring to the “Green-Blobby” – Spot on! When Owen Paterson ex minister at Defra referred to his concern about the green lobby: I leave the post with great misgivings about the power and irresponsibility of – to coin a […]

Scots: more words for rain than Eskimos for snow

It is often claimed that “Eskimos have hundreds of words for snow”, but I wondered whether this is true or if there were more Scottish words for rain. First, the truth about the Eskimo or Inuit: David Robson, New Scientist 2896, December 18 2012, Are there really 50 Eskimo words for snow? “Yet Igor Krupnik, […]