BBC &%$£!

Paradoxically, as I have stopped listening or watching the BBC because of their illegal coverage of climate , I can’t now comment about the BBC’s current output. But at least until I stopped watching this letter is entirely accurate. (Although I’d not have been so polite). 22nd April 2016  The Director General BBC 180 Great […]

The truth behind the environmental movement

The truth about environmental protesters: They are almost clueless not only about the issue they are protesting about but on the simplest science. They have no real interest in the issue but just move from one to another. These events are coordinated by the shadowy figures – as clearly everyone has been told to say […]

Talk to a Climate Denier: contact Business Green

Sometimes the stupidity of the pause deniers just leaves me laughing and this was typical. I saw Business Naive had an article: Need to talk to a Climate [pause] denier? Here’s How And I was going to make a sarky comment like email the Royal Society, Met Office, BBC, Guardian, Independent, NOAA, Penn-itentiary, etc. When […]

Has Connolley given up on Catastropic Anthropogenomorphic Warming?

I usually only read the toad’s articles as a headline on uClimate, but I couldn’t help looking at this one (sorry). From what I can see, he’s given up on the “doomsday” man-made warming and is now arguing that there still might be a problem from very low levels of man-made warming. So if we […]

Greenpeace in the News

Here are some recent stories that have in some way been linked to green peace Guardian- Russia ‘secretly working with environmentalists to oppose fracking’ Russia Today – Greenpeace denial of  colluding with Russians Guardian – Greenpeace losses: leaked documents reveal extent of financial disarray Telegraph – India targets Prince Charles’ aide in war on Greenpeace […]

Greenpeace openly colluding with Russia Today!

I imagines the first rule when someone suggests organisations are colluding … is not to produce a joint news release! But instead what do I find in Russia Today: ‘What are they smoking?’ Greenpeace ridicules NATO claims of Russian fracking plot Come on! They could have at least found some other stooge organisation like the […]