There is so much wrong with this video. I found it searching for Dumbarton which is near Glasgow. Why were they bouncing marbles was the obvious question. A question that never gets answered. Why is the teacher near Glasgow speaking with an American accent. And don’t the kids pick up accents quickly? Holy smokes! Today’s […]

Why faking the temperature has not been helpful to alarmists

Back before the days when the alarmists starting obviously faking the global temperature by adding in “readings” … is what best describes the dross data from buoys … to fake a warming trend, you could say two things about alarmists: They were winning the propaganda battle as most people believed them not sceptics They were […]


After Trump was elected, I stopped being so active on the climate as it seemed only a matter of time before he shut down those producing bogus global climate metrics. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me that Trump, having freed the US from the power of those fake metrics, then saw no reason to release […]

WTO rules

Right from the beginning when we saw the EU attitude to the timescale for us leaving, it was clear the EU were going to be behaving like a spoilt spouse doing all they can to wreck the future life of their former marriage partner. So, I thought it was inevitable that we would leave without […]

Twitter lies

For obvious reasons given my support for Brexit I’ve been monitoring the #Brexit hashtag, then with May’s total betrayal of Brexit I started tweeting and monitoing the hashtag #MayMustGo. But something strange happened. Suddenly everyone seemed to be against Brexit – or at least I couldn’t see those who were for Brexit. Then the hashtag […]