The truth behind the environmental movement

The truth about environmental protesters: They are almost clueless not only about the issue they are protesting about but on the simplest science. They have no real interest in the issue but just move from one to another. These events are coordinated by the shadowy figures – as clearly everyone has been told to say […]

The Climate wars – toward a washup review.

As I said a while back (The limits of Climate Hysteria) we’ve now reached the stage in these “climate wars” whereby the climate itself is the main combatant forcing the ranks of the delusional public academia, to be dragged kicking and screaming to the reality of our ever varying climate, as the climate itself now […]

Admission: Climate Scientists are Extremists and Alarmists

There’s a trailer for another “Trust me I call myself a scientist” videos which is a completely doomed tactic of trying to persuade people that they do good science by taking the shortcut and making a PR movie, rather than doing the hard graft and doing good science: Like all the past videos, this is […]

Even the delusionists think the IPCC report was ignored.

After my last posts on the IPCC report: Warmist media – like fish trapped in fast drying up muddy pool IPCC report goes down like a Lead balloon … comes just the independent corroboration I need from no other than one of the chief delusionists: Climate [pause] Denial Crock of the Week He’s not a […]

Warmist media – like fish trapped in fast drying up muddy pool

As I looked down the very familiar list of media outlets still pushing the IPCC nonscience, I noticed the same familiar names: BBC, Guardian, Independent, National Geographic,ABC. But as I posted before, this year it is almost exclusively these last diehards. But now they sound so desperate. I’ve not yet heard “this is our last […]

Does internet scrutiny improve academia?

For much of the last decade as the internet allowed people outside universities to not only have access to the same data but to comment on what academia was doing and even propose their own ideas. Personally, that process has revealed some horrendous failings in academia with appalling standards seeming to be everywhere from climate […]

Warning: the end of TV could herald a scared world without experts

As we all know…. Climate Depot: Monckton: ‘Just about everything the mainstream news media say about global warming and its supposed dangers is the opposite of the truth’ … the print media have been printing nonsense about climate for years. In my last post (The Bloggers that killed the mainstream Press) I came around to the […]