The Climate wars – toward a washup review.

As I said a while back (The limits of Climate Hysteria) we’ve now reached the stage in these “climate wars” whereby the climate itself is the main combatant forcing the ranks of the delusional public academia, to be dragged kicking and screaming to the reality of our ever varying climate, as the climate itself now […]

Celtic and Global warming: How can educated people be so stupid?

When I went to University to do Physics I knew that physics was unlikely to be a career in its own right, but instead it was a means of problem analysis that was applicable to many areas of life. It was, I was taught at school, the fundamental methodology of science: gather the evidence Review […]

Scotsman: Mike Haseler: No place for name-calling in debate

In The Scotsman A recent survey of those participating in online forums showed that most of the 5,000 respondents were experienced engineers, scientists and IT professionals, most degree-qualified and around a third with post-graduate qualifications. The survey, carried out by the Scottish Climate and Energy Forum, asked respondents for their views on CO¬≤ and the […]

Sustainable Capitalism

This is a paper I wrote 2003 and sent to the UK conservative party. No idea if anyone read it, but sad to say, after this paper, the conservatives “went green”. Although from before I knew there is no real science backing the catastrophic predictions of global warming, not too many embarrassing statements but enough […]

The Citizen Scientist : a paradigm shift in Science.

After several conversations regarding my article: “The Citizen Scientist“, I am beginning think this may possibly be the most important article I have ever written about the climate debate. What I suggested is that sceptics can be considered as a community of citizen scientists, people from outside academia with an interest in science, joined together […]