The truth behind the environmental movement

The truth about environmental protesters: They are almost clueless not only about the issue they are protesting about but on the simplest science. They have no real interest in the issue but just move from one to another. These events are coordinated by the shadowy figures – as clearly everyone has been told to say […]

Phases of a public scare

1. Discovery Discovering of a believable threat. In 1910 scientists discovered that Halley’s Coment contained significant levels of cyanide. Or they “discover” that bird flu (like all flu) has caused deaths. The millennium bug is “discovered” as a story which taps into the fear of new technology and “crazed robots” on TV. 2. Dismissal The […]

Bush & Blair lied about WMD so Lewandowsky lied about skeptics: the motivated lies & attacks intended to discredit honest people.

Lewandowsky is notorious within Skeptic circles. Unlike others who naivety end up insulting skeptics, Lewandowsky’s attacks are different. Because unlike others who end up attacking skeptics through ignorance, Lewandowsky’s attacks appear to be directed or motivated in a calculated manner distorting the evidence to damage skeptics. Why? Addendum: Since this article was originally written it […]

Even the delusionists think the IPCC report was ignored.

After my last posts on the IPCC report: Warmist media – like fish trapped in fast drying up muddy pool IPCC report goes down like a Lead balloon … comes just the independent corroboration I need from no other than one of the chief delusionists: Climate [pause] Denial Crock of the Week He’s not a […]

A brief summary of why "science" failed with global temperature

David Cage prompted me to write a reply which on reflection is a nice summary of why academic science got into this mess with global warming so I’m posting it as an article. He was replying to my comment that “academics … are looking increasingly sheepish and trying to talk about anything but their proven […]