Warmist media – like fish trapped in fast drying up muddy pool

As I looked down the very familiar list of media outlets still pushing the IPCC nonscience, I noticed the same familiar names: BBC, Guardian, Independent, National Geographic,ABC. But as I posted before, this year it is almost exclusively these last diehards. But now they sound so desperate. I’ve not yet heard “this is our last […]

BBC bias – now it's Scottish nationalist alarmists complaining

If you haven’t been living in outer Mongolia away from any modern media, you will probably already know that the BBC are completely biased on climate. True they’ve stopped reporting global warming alarmism recently, but that is because they’ve all but stopped reporting the climate since Richard Black left. However, if you don’t live in […]

Time to Deny the Establishment Broadcasting Company its funding

In my last post I said the BBC are really just “The Establishment Broadcasting Company” – the broadcaster of and for the establishment. Their view was outdated in the era of empire radio in the 1920s when they were founded, but today it is totally at odds with modern society and our internet peer-to-peer communication […]

Time to reform the Biased Broadcasting Company

The BBC, a dinosaur organisation created in the era of empire radio, still sees its mission as being the mouth piece of the establishment. As such it epitomises the patronising establishment preaching to the uncouth, uneducated, non-establishment plebs. That view was outdated even in 1927 when it started preaching. Today, when 50% get a university […]

#Frackinggate – which major news outlet still holding back?

When the BBC – or at least BBC world service – finally covered #frackinggate,  it seemed we skeptics had finally got all the press to cover this story. That mainstream news outlet is WattsUpWithThat.com And to rub salt into the wounds – even the warmists like grist are starting to cover the story. And whilst […]