The theory that will bring down global warming

The way global warming works is complex and multifaceted, and no single model will encompass all the effects neatly into one package. However there are two simplifications in common use. One (the heat trapping model) presents a view of a change in CO2 as changing the rate of heat flow thus “tipping” the planet into […]

A complete description of factors affecting global temperature

Following yesterday’s article about lapse rate I was frustrated by what I left out. So as a mental exercise, I set myself the challenge of putting down something about all the major things that affect climate and particularly global temperature. Summary The main things affecting global temperature can be categorised as: Incoming solar radiation The […]

Can variations in lapse rate & cloud cover explain ice-age temperature changes and the inter-glacial "hard stop"?

I woke up this morning thinking about the most fundamental issue of climate: If the temperature of the earth is set by the blackbody radiation temperature of the earth … and that is fixed in turn by the sun … then how do we see global temperature change. To rephrase: if there is a greenhouse […]

A complete explanation of the ice-age cycle.

This article is one of a number I’ve been doing developing my ideas on the Ice-age cycle. I will try to summarise the key ideas and explain how they fit. However, with such a complex subject and so many new ideas I cannot cover everything. Instead I will focus on the key ideas and ask […]

The Advanced Greenhouse theory implies 100m rise in effective top of atmosphere

If you are still one of the people who believe the “Greenhouse theory” of warming, but don’t quite know why it sounds rubbish. Let me recap the advanced theory & the differences (CO2 used to mean all greenhouse gases including H2O). The greenhouse theory says CO2 absorbs IR – the advanced theory says it absorbs […]

What is the adiabatic lapse rate of air?

When explaining the greenhouse warming effect, I’ve avoided going into the cause of the adiabtic temperature change of the atmosphere as we get higher and instead used a hand waving argument that expanding air is cooler which has been enough to explain the necessary temperature gradient up through the atmosphere. (link, other articles) However, this […]

Simplified atmospheric model

I want to examine three extreme models of the atmosphere: entirely transparent, entirely opaque and entirely transparent to visible and opaque to IR. From this I will show that the presumed adiabatic lapse through the atmosphere of “33C” must be too low and a better figure is closer to 36C For information on models etc. […]

Some thoughts on greenhouse warming

Conclusion: Penn are global warming deniers! And the temperature of the earth is primarily a result of cooling through the adiabatic blanket together with a smaller component of direct cooling. The effect of IR interactive gases like H20 & CO2 is to change the ratio of these two. Introduction After my last article: A scientist’s […]

Advanced Green House Theory

I want to explore how the adiabatic cooling as we move up the atmosphere works with radiant cooling. I hope this post will clarify the concept. However first, the other relevant discussions: In this first post The CO2 Green-house effect is real (sometimes), I introduced the Advanced Green-House Gas Theory in its simplest form which […]

Skydragons: good physics – appalling PR.

Skydragons were right on the physics, but appallingly wrong on the PR. What they are describing is the greenhouse effect by another name. But by denying the (Noddy) “greenhouse effect”, on climate alarmist sites,  they have done untold damage to themselves and caused all skeptics to be labelled as “deniers”. For details of “Advanced Greenhouse […]