Crunch Year for global warming (= the scam)

2016 will undoubtedly be the crunch year for “global warming” – undoubtedly the biggest scam in the whole of history – pushed relentlessly by academia and the public sector against the interest of the western economies. The satellites are the only credible measure of global temperature (the surface data being nothing short of fraudulent with […]

Simulations of Pacific Decadal Oscillation & ENSO

I was on-line talking to yet another academic trying to explain to them that the whole temperature signal is natural variation (at least in the null hypothesis) and they kept insisting that the PDO, ENSO, AMO were “things” and not “noise”. I was saying they were a resonance in the system responding to natural variation. […]

Proof: recent temperature trends are not abnormal

It has frequently been stated that 2oth century warming was “unprecedented” or “cannot be explained”. This article sets out to test this assertion on CET the longest available temperature series. I find the CET data rejects the hypothesis of ‘climate change’ (>58%) & current ‘global warming’ (>72%) and that overall global temperature has not changed […]

Interpreting graphs, blurred vision, Lewandowsky and unReal Climate

I was reading Bob Tisdale’s blog Absolutely Amazing! A Climate Scientist Writes a Blog Post about… in which he discusses a post on unRealClimate, in which unRealClimate discuss Anthony Watts blog’s widget. (right) And I was looking forward to seeing how they would replace the widget. Obviously it would turn from blue to red, their graph […]

Statistics of 1/f noise – implications for climate forecast

Across at, a slow trickle of people have been looking at the page giving me a total of 221 page views. So, I thought there was enough data to do some preliminary stats. First to recap: the climatic temperature data has a 1/f frequency response showing that natural variation can be modelled by 1/f […]