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Please sign petition: Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019.

The latest ploy of the anti-democracy politicians & EU is simple: to insist we must have a deal and then reject any deal. Thus claiming that leaving is impossible. They are scum. Please sign the petition: Leave the EU without … Continue reading

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PC fascism: it’s already here LITERALLY!

UPDATE! Please sign this petition: The UK should not agree the UN’s Global Compact for Migration This news is so profound and such a massive attack on western democracy, that it shows that the mass immigration of recent years was … Continue reading

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Brazil backs out of hosting 2019 UN climate summit

With the fire being taken out of the alarmists, Climate has become pretty dull recently, so much so that watching paint drying (or more literally concrete setting) has become a far more interesting subject for me. The fact that I … Continue reading

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Anti-male propaganda

Back in the days when I used to get my views from the FNM (Fake News Media) like the BBC (Biased Broadcasting Company), I was convinced we lived in a society that was unfair to women. That of course, like … Continue reading

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Time to reform academia

Back in 2007 when I first started being a sceptic, almost every major institution and government, almost every media outlet, and most importantly almost everyone in every group that usually questioned government policy, were all lining up like a group … Continue reading

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Tommy Robinson – Vindicated

When I originally decided to come out in support of Tommy Robinson, I knew I was taking a chance. On the one side, there was good evidence that there had been a campaign of press and establishment hatred against him … Continue reading

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There is so much wrong with this video. I found it searching for Dumbarton which is near Glasgow. Why were they bouncing marbles was the obvious question. A question that never gets answered. Why is the teacher near Glasgow speaking … Continue reading

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Could genetics be killing global warming alarmism?

If one looks at clothes fashions and women’s fashion in particular, it is very easy to see that from as far back as records permit us to view them, women’s clothes have been changing rapidly so that it is usually … Continue reading

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Why faking the temperature has not been helpful to alarmists

Back before the days when the alarmists starting obviously faking the global temperature by adding in “readings” … is what best describes the dross data from buoys … to fake a warming trend, you could say two things about alarmists: … Continue reading

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After Trump was elected, I stopped being so active on the climate as it seemed only a matter of time before he shut down those producing bogus global climate metrics. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me that Trump, having freed … Continue reading

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