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Analysis of a joke

And on today’s “Fun with functions” … I’ll explain how to ruin a dinner party with a maths joke: “There are two types of people the world: those who don’t understand my humour”. — Mike Haseler (@scotpolitik) February 14, 2018 … Continue reading

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Our snowiest winter

Having lived in our current house for about 20years, like many people who live pretty ordinary lives, I’m able to reasonably accurately judge what has been happening to the weather in our locality. We’ve had longer periods of ice – … Continue reading

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Ball wins: All it took was a few decent people willing to stand up against tyranny.

BREAKING: Tim Ball’s free-speech victory over Andrew Weaver – all charges dismissed! — Watts Up With That (@wattsupwiththat) February 14, 2018 When the history of these times are written it will be said that a few decent people stood … Continue reading

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On the nature of scepticism: Sceptic versus science

How many times have we heard various people proclaiming that we sceptics are “anti-science”. For those of us taught science at a time when we were taught to be sceptics: to doubt everything until it is proven by experiment, this … Continue reading

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Does this paper prove there is virtually no CO2 greenhouse effect?

By a strange path (reading adverse comments by alarmists in a paper I don’t mention) I came across this paper by Robert Ian Holmes which on the face of it would seem to disproves the Greenhouse effect as commonly stated: … Continue reading

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For a long time I’ve been suggesting that reductions in the level of pollution from the 1970s clean air acts was likely to have caused some if not all the warming from the 1970s to the point that clean up … Continue reading

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Bored of the snow – critical angle of snow

I was supposed to be going to visit in laws today, but looking at the weather we had to call off the visit again – and it’s not like we live somewhere remote – the journey is largely on motorways … Continue reading

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Beryllium-10: The volcanoes triggered the interglacial.

Beryllium-10 is a radioactive isotope of beryllium most scientists believe is formed in the earth’s atmosphere by cosmic rays. It has a half life of 1.39million years. I therefore follows that whilst an increase in Cosmic rays will increase the … Continue reading

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Why the CO2 “heat trapping” or Greenhouse “blanket” model is wrong

If you look at any explanation of the “Greenhouse effect” you will undoubtedly find it explained in simple terms as CO2 acting to “trap heat” in the atmosphere like a blanket. That is provably false and this article explains why. … Continue reading

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Acid Rain and 1970-2000 Global warming

For a while I’ve known that the 1970-2000 warming which caused the Global warming scare was a result of 1970s moves to reduce atmospheric pollution. This is clearly shown by the strong correlation between the areas with most intense warming … Continue reading

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