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A third lane for the M8 in Glasgow – at almost no cost!

For decades I’ve been driving the M8 and as it comes into Glasgow from the east at juction 17 (Great Western Road) at any busy time of day, there will be a queue of traffic in the two lanes marked … Continue reading

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Brexitday meal.

The first item on the list has got to be Brussel sprouts – as there’s bound to be a rush – because any celebrating of leaving Brussels has got to involve sprouts in some way. Next is Champagne  – but … Continue reading

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The Enerconic or society energy multiplier

In my last article Enerconics II I introduced the concept of the energy multiplier. In other words, we effectively create a pseudo-perpetual motion machine in the sense that the total apparent energy available to society is far higher than the … Continue reading

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When theory hits the buffer – maybe CO2 does not have an effect?

I’ve come across evidence that could be interpreted as showing that there is some kind of mechanism in the atmosphere that compensates for changes in greenhouse gas composition so that changes in CO2 levels would be insignificant. This is in … Continue reading

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Understanding Global Temperature IX – the role of CO2

Summary Can I see anything except global greening that’s due to CO2? I can honestly say No. And anyone who says they can see any change due to CO2 is crackers. In contrast, I am now reasonably confident that Environmental … Continue reading

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The Paris Treaty is Dead

One of the great debates amongst sceptics these days is whether Donald Trump can unilaterally withdraw from the climate “treaty” … because without ratification it’s not binding on the next president. However, as always we “do it by the book” … Continue reading

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Understanding Global Temperature VIII – It was the greens wot warmed us!!

Little did I realise when I started looking for a metric to use to represent the real global temperature for the last few hundred years that I might stumble across such compelling evidence. First to recap. Understanding the Global Temperature … Continue reading

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Enerconics II

It’s a while since I originally wrote my first article “Enerconics: The Relationship between Energy and GDP” in which I presented evidence showing that GDP was closely related to energy usage both in terms of differences between global economies and … Continue reading

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SNP: liars & economically insane.

In 2014 the Scottish people voted decisively to stay with the UK. And since then the consensus has remained the same with a majority against leaving the UK and particularly against having another extremely divisive and hate filled referendum. At … Continue reading

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All time Top Articles

Since I started this blog at the beginning of  2011 I’ve published over 1200 articles mostly focussing on climate and energy. But it often surprises me when I look at the statistics that many of the articles that get read … Continue reading

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