Is it time to accept the Climate Cult as bona fide?

Over the many years I have been fighting against climate extremists, I have became increasingly frustrated, given the overwhelming evidence supporting scepticism, that apparently reasonable “scientists” consistently ignored the evidence and instead pushed quite irrational ideas. The evidence that there is absolutely nothing untoward with the climate is quite undeniable: UAH shows no recent trend (since the warming effect of removing cooling pollutants via the clean air acts of the 1970s) and there has been no trends in severe weather and CO2 is undoubtedly being beneficial. Everything in the climate garden is rosy – yet many academics believe we are now a few clicks away from doomsday.

Greta, the dumb ignorant 16 years old, was however a turning point for me. Because, it was patently obvious she had no knowledge of the climate, yet she got the same adoration as those whom I at least had reason to believe they should know at least a little science. The “believers” did not distinguish between scientific knowledge and a totally gormless 16 year old!

It was very obvious at that point, that knowledge, rational argument, were quite irrelevant for what I realised was the “Climate Cult”. And then I realised that because it was a cult, which lived through pure irrational belief, it became obvious that no amount of rational argument could ever change the view of the believers. No wonder I had become so frustrated with them!

At first, I looked online to try to find techniques to “de-program” those who had been brainwashed by the cult. But, whilst I had heard that this could be done, there was nothing substantial on the subject. As such, it seems that like all religions, all one can do is to live with them and instead of trying to change people’s belief’s to curtail the effect of the religion on the saner members of society.

That suggests that rather than the futile attempt to change their beliefs through rational argument, what we need to do, is to find a way to accommodate their beliefs like we would any other religion.

I suggest, that the first step is to recognise climate alarmism as a bona fide religion. This not only gives protection for those with the religion, but more importantly, it protects those who are not part of the religion and triggers a whole raft of rules that act to stop religions forcing their beliefs on other … and more importantly, demanding public money to push their religion.

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