The end of the scam?

The US presidential election takes place on 3rd November 2020. By that time, if Trump is to be re-elected he needs to not only convince those climate sceptics who voted for and worked to get him elected, it is worth wasting their time again when he’s done so little to push back on the climate cult, but he also needs to convince those luke warmer “climate alarmists” that the science is not on their side and they shouldn’t be pushing for a Democrat victory.

And it all starts in less than a week, on June 18th Trump holds his 2020 US presidential race”kickoff” rally in Orlando. If he’s going to win, given the Democrats area already focussing on climate, he’s got to start delivering on his promise to do something about the climate cult … and that doesn’t mean giving into them, but putting a stake right through its heart.

But so far, all Trump has done was to take down a few websites and stop the extremely biased people working in government from openly commenting to the press. What he hasn’t done is stop them fraudulently changing climate data, “anonymously” editing Wikipedia or a host of other politicised activities which are purpose made to stop getting Trump Elected.

And to be blunt: if Trump hasn’t got a plan that will drive a stake through the heart of the climate cult, then really … does he deserve to get in again?

Unlike Trump fans, I will admit, I don’t think Trump is the smartest person I’ve seen, not the dumbest, but he’s failed take the very simple steps that could have busted the climate scam. But despite that he does have a lot of people in his team who know the score. So, even if Trump is an idiot, the people around him know what he needs to do TO KEEP THEM IN A JOB. The only question then, is what is there plan and when will they spring the trap? Because, that is the only way I can explain their lacklustre action on the climate scam … they have been intentionally holding back the ammunition, lulling the Democrats to go nuts and attack on climate, knowing that all along they have the ammunition to sink them.

Or perhaps, like so much else in government, Trump really is a big cock-up who hasn’t a clue?

Either way, with all options open between an almighty cock-up and a carefully orchestrated plan to ensnare the Democrats in a noose of their own making, the only real certainty is that the US 2020 presidential race could be thrilling to watch and that the climate scam will be central to that election.

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