Search for the Guilty

The great thing about my education and experience is that from a very early stage, I could see that the climate scam would end in tears. Yes, I can see that academics in science might have believed they could change the world. Engineers in Energy, could see that they could build devices that captured win and solar. Economists might believe that you could pull an economy up by the bootlaces – so that it doesn’t consume energy. And politicians might easily be fooled that all that was needed was a modest increase in energy costs.
But having a foot in all camps – I could see that it was total delusional madness to believe that we could stop using fossil fuels without returning our society to something closer to the middle ages than the present. Individually, each group thought it could work – but none of them understood the mutual inter-reliance that was involved such that trying to reduce energy usage in one place – just increased it in another. Trying to drop energy usage overall – didn’t just involve an increase in direct energy costs, but it would lead to a vicious cycle of inflation that MASSIVELY increased economic costs to the extend of committing economic suicide.
I tried to warn people – I failed – they either couldn’t or didn’t want to understand. So, ten years on from Climategate we are now getting to the stage where they are trying to implement their delusional ideas big-time. And the tear(ga)s is starting to flow as the continued YellowVest protests (heavily suppressed by press) continue to show. BUT THAT IS JUST THE START. If they keep pushing this climate scam, it will get worse, IT WILL GET FAR FAR WORSE!
This is why I see no point working on climate any longer. Politicians never did listen when there was a chance of averting this stupidity. They steamed full speed ahead into the madness, and now the shit I predicted is starting to hit the fan. The increasing costs of energy and the crazy bird-killers are now a major factor in elections from in countries as far apart as Australia and the Netherlands, and it would be here in the UK if it weren’t for Brexit. BUT THIS IS JUST THE START!
I was taught a long time ago when doing my MBA about the phases of a project. The last two were: “Pistoffenous” and “Search for the Guilty”. There is no doubt from France that a lot of people are now pist off with the relentlessly rising costs of energy. The problems that stem from the crazy project plan are now manifestly clear to most politicians even if they don’t understand why they’re getting problems.
This is why we get the final stage: “Search for the guilty”. Those left being “responsible” for the project mess (politicians in this case), whether they are guilty or not, start trying to shifting the blame onto other people, and to do that they need to find reasons to allocate guilt to others.
Here, Trump is the leader of the pack. Happer, may think he was chosen as an impartial highly qualified scientist to review the science, but really? Trump cares nothing about science! If you understand the political framework of this “project” what he’s doing is precipitating the final stage of “Search for the guilty” … trying to find some fall guys to take the blame for the climate charade. And given the appalling low standards within climate, there is no doubt Happer will dredge up dirt, and whether its the deserved like Mann or the less deserved, they will become the guilty “scapegoat” who will be cast as being responsible for deluding the sloping-shoulder politicians.
And once one politician, like Trump, succeeds at pushing the responsibility for the massive costs of this scam on someone – then worldwide other politicians will use the same approach.
Why should they take the blame if others can take it? And I don’t just mean those who oppose the policy. Even if a Democrat wants to massively increase the cost of energy … they don’t want to take the blame for that cost. And if …. sorry … when, Happer finds fault, I’ve no doubt those like the Democrats will be just as willing as Republicans to suggest the reason the policy is so high is because of this scapegoat.
However, whilst we’d all love some arrogant twat like Mann to be the scapegoat, there is a very common phenomenon: Those who were most diligent and working hardest to prevent problems developing, because they are so obviously close to the problems, often end up being the scapegoat. For example, in a software project, the guy who gets the blame is usually the “nerd” programmer who ended up working 24/7 to fix the numerous problems due to a disastrous project design spec and not the more politically astute types who get the cushy jobs of writing the spec that caused the problems.
Who that will be in this case is unclear, especially since the academics are already such a bunch of politicians that they will no doubt share the real politicians skills of sloping shoulders. However, what is increasingly clear, is that politicians worldwide are getting increasingly desperate for someone like Happer to give them an excuse not to implement this disastrous climate scam and I’m sure that unless Happer finds the science is absolutely spotlessly and squeaky clean, he will give them the ammunition they need – if not to change the policy, at least to start searching for the guilty.

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2 Responses to Search for the Guilty

  1. Steve Sutton says:

    I don’t believe we are at the “search for the guilty” stage, which generally occurs when there’s a consensus that the ‘project’ is/will be a failure, or perform less than expected.
    And by ‘project’ I assume that you mean to change all of our present uses of energy to some other form that will stop the climate from warming. If that is the ‘project,’ then I believe we are a long distance from that point when most agree that the climate isn’t warming as a result of man. I think we’re actually in the “celebration of the non-particpants” stage and that most people, who continue to be grossly and happily misinformed, absolutely believe our ability to change to solar and wind will cease global warming. Electricity costs must rise considerably higher than they are at present for people to start to earnestly question the ‘project,’ and once we get to that point the search for the guilty will ensue in fervor.
    I know almost nothing of Happer and whether he is a worthy skeptic of global warming. But I am encouraged that Trump is not jumping on the global-warming-bandwagon and has selected a skeptic for his staff to address the pervasive hysteria. Let’s hope Happer can do something to raise reasonable questions of the science used by the climate alarmists and thereby promote a more profound and meaningful discussion of climate science.

  2. Scottish-Sceptic says:

    Interesting comment. What is true is that various different groups are at different stages in this “project” (by which I mean the scam in totality). Some like sceptics are well ahead of the pack and were “searching for the guilty” a decade ago.Some like Greenspin academics are so deluded and disconnected to poplar opinion, that they may as well be on another project entirely.
    The people who I’m referring to, are those politicians who have to make public policy decisions. Their problem is that whereas it was very easy (and cheap) to promise to do something about using fossil fuels – doing something is proving HUGELY costly financially and HUGELY costly ELECTORALLY.
    So, e.g. we’ve had yellow vest protests in France for around 10 weeks (which we do not hear about due to censorship by the press). However politicians do know about it, and they do know its their energy policy that’s to blame. And we haven’t yet done anything but dip our toe into the massive costs of this scam. Politicians who support this crazy end of Fossil fuels can already see that it will end their chances of getting re-elected.
    This is nothing about believing science … it’s about whether people will happily pay eye-watering personal costs when THERE IS NO SIGN OF A PROBLEM TO THEM PERSONALLY. And politicians are increasingly realising that they won’t.
    So, when Trumps investigation of the “science” finds it’s a load of crap – any politician that wants to get re-elected can cease on this as a justification to end the eye-watering costs that will stop his opposition politicians getting elected.
    Indeed, even if Happer found the science to be spotless – politicians are now so desperate to find a reason to ditch this policy that I’m sure they will find some other excuse.
    To put it simply: supporting this scam is now electoral suicide – and however stupid you think politicians might be, they don’t intentionally commit electoral suicide.

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