Climategate in Retrospect

A decade ago in 2009 we got a wealth of substantial proof about how dishonest climate academics were when it came to “hiding the decline” in their “science”. But unfortunately, far from turning around the subject as it ought, 10 years later the subject is far more dishonest than I could have believed even in 2009.¬† For back in 2009, we genuinely thought that if we highlighted the dishonesty of academics when compiling global temperature, that that would force them to mend their ways and the global temperature graph would be more believable. Today, I can honestly say that I see absolutely no point in even attempting to “correct” the current rubbish of most groups which has no credibility at all as it is just figments of their vivid imaginations. They have shown they can and do make the global temperature say whatever they want it to say.
If there is so much MORE to be done than at the time of Climategate, why then, have I largely stopped working on climate? The reason is simple: we are past the “what if” stage of the climate warming scam where it was a question of the scientific predictions. We are past the stage where a bunch of biased academics could scare the world by fraudulent predictions. We are past the stage of only having their¬† predictions of the future, but instead it’s increasingly about tangible things that academics can’t distort: “what has it done” and “what is the cost”.
In terms of the “what has it done” … the answer is nothing and “what is the cost”, the answer is mega huge. Better still, public interest has steadily declined, leaving the politicians with an unwanted hugely costly commitment to something that has proven not to be a problem.
We are now 20% of the way from the 2001 IPPC prediction of 1.4 to 5.8C warming by 2100 and we continue to see no discernable problems of any kind. Indeed the only effects of rising CO2 have been the beneficial increase in crop yields. Something that any numpty can see was entirely predictable … but something the academics omitted to mention to the public or politicians. But worse! We are less than 20% of the way to the the massive costs – and governments are already falling as a result.
This is why the global temperature no longer matters. This is why winning the argument on the “science” doesn’t matter.
Yes they still fraudulently change the global temperature. But they have done themselves no favour by it. Because by falsely exaggerating the recent temperature to get rid of the pause, all the climate scamsters have done is to block the excuse that “the reason we aren’t see any effects is because of the pause”.


The reason I first got involved campaigning to get the science heard on climate, is because I had been in the wind business and saw the “pounds in their eyes” profiteers there, who would stop at no dirty trick to undermine wind groups (including paid saboteurs signing up to undermine them from within). Likewise I had been in the Green party – and seen them for the bunch of science and engineering numpties they are. And I had been in the British Wind Energy Association and seen how it was run by the big oil corps. And I had been in the Scottish Parliamentary Renewable Energy Group, seen the dishonesty of civil servants and the gormless politicians jumping on the bandwagon. And I had tried to get the truth about wind (jobs) heard and had seen the bias of the press.
Back around 2007, there was not a single substantial group even willing to put up a counter arguments to what is undoubtedly the world’s biggest scam. There was absolutely no balance. It was like Hitler’s Germany – you had to accept the official line or you became a non-person. And like Hitler’s Germany, there was a real risk of substantial social, political and economic harm as a result.
Today, even the president of the US is (supposedly) a sceptic and many politicians and even whole governments are increasingly and OPENLY sceptical.
In terms of stopping the rot in climate – Climategate was an appalling failure. Because far from stopping the rot, the establishment coverup in the UK merely emboldened the alarmists to take their dishonesty to the next level. However, in terms of making the public and politicians aware of this dishonesty, it was a huge success. Thus I think those of us who worked to expose climategate are largely responsible for the current change in attitudes which is rapidly moving us toward the balance – with increasingly large and politically powerful groups in opposition – that is halting this scam.

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  1. Doonhamer says:

    Once again I thank you and your ilk for explaining the science, regularly and persistently blogging and not giving up.
    By the way, ‘n’ that, I thought that you had been non-personed. For a good while I could not get on to your blogs. You never appreciate what you have got until it disappears.

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