The tide has turned on the global warming scam

For years, the only evidence of “global warming” except bogus faked NASA temperatures was an apparent melting of glaciers. I say “apparent”, because once people like NASA have been caught fiddling one lot of figures on global temperature, there’s no knowing what else they will fiddle. NASA of cause asserted that it was beyond doubt […]

Saint Patrick born in Roman Nemeton (Old Kilpatrick)

Today is St.Patrick’s day. Whilst Patrick is well known as the patron Saint of Ireland, his birthplace in Scotland is less well known and this is not helped by several variants of fake history that have grown up suggesting other locations. Patrick was a descendent of a Roman citizen, so presumably at one time his […]

A Massive Hoax Exposes Social Justice in Academia (Full Interview)

This is a long video, but it is very well worth watching because it exposes the way academia works and the nonsense that fills academia. It isn’t on climate, but nether-the-less it exposes very much the same group think, silencing of critics and “unevidenced” rhetoric as we see in the climate. As such it shows […]