PC fascism: it's already here LITERALLY!

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The UK should not agree the UN’s Global Compact for Migration

This news is so profound and such a massive attack on western democracy, that it shows that the mass immigration of recent years was no mistake. It was an intentional policy by these people and that having been exposed they are now acting to make it ILLEGAL to criticise what is ironically their ILLEGAL policy. This shows, we are already living in a new fascist age where anti-democratic forces have ALREADY gained control and are about to turn our world into a nightmare where free speech does not exist.
If the video here is correct – and unfortunately it seems genuine, Governments are literally committing to make it illegal to criticise immigration policy IN ANY FORM WHATSOEVER. In other words, it will be a criminal offence to say that ILLEGAL immigration must be shopped. It’s not barmy – it’s intensely concerning.

Direct link to see video: https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/1068557881438552064

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  1. Raibert says:

    This is the greatest disaster in European history.I’ve been trying to wake people up for years about the Kalergi plan.Some have listened but mostly…well you know …love island might be on.The apathy in the country added to the willfully blind has created a climate of suicidal ignorance.Scotland’s in trouble.We could be gone in a generation.

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