Brazil backs out of hosting 2019 UN climate summit

With the fire being taken out of the alarmists, Climate has become pretty dull recently, so much so that watching paint drying (or more literally concrete setting) has become a far more interesting subject for me. The fact that I have multiple surface all subject to wind and rain has made a combination of weather forecasts and the setting time of concrete a bit of an obsession recently as we head into winter … but I digress.

Following the election of Jair Bolsonaro as president, Brazil withdrew its offer to preside over Cop25, citing budgetary constraints and the political transition (link)

For anyone who has observed these COPs (at a far … as few sceptics can afford to attend), they are without doubt the biggest waste of money imaginable amounting to a huge taxpayer’s funded green-fest of crocodile tears with mostly government paid for green nutters flying from all over the globe in order to gather and moan about things like … the way so many people fly to so many unnecessary places.
Of course they live it up in style, whilst bemoaning the way money isn’t going to the poor. But they can’t stop going as it’s become the way these green nutters keep in touch and a “safe space” from the reality of real world of ever drooping public support and failed climate predictions.
So, the effect Brazil cancelling their contribution to this waste of money, isn’t that important (except to green nutters) … as it’s just another indicator that the global warming scam is dying. But when the history of the scam is written up … when our generation is being laughed at for being so stupid … future generations need a point in time in order to say “that generation was stupid but we (the later generation) aren’t … and this may well be the event they choose to demark the “stupid” time from the “sane sensible” period that (supposedly) followed.

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3 Responses to Brazil backs out of hosting 2019 UN climate summit

  1. You always write in vague terms.
    Have you noticed?
    “With the fire being taken out of the alarmists….
    This doesn’t actually mean anything. There’s no way to assess if your statement is a figment of your imagination or not. You could be referring to anything or anyone over any period of time.
    Hint: NASA. NASA and every single scientific community on the planet.
    ” the global warming scam is dying.”
    It’s not possible to fake a scientific consensus on anything.
    What you are saying is silly.
    “The evolution scam is dying”
    Nope. There is no scam and it’s not “dying” any time soon.
    “The vaccine scam is dying”
    Nope. It’s really not.
    “The round Earth scam is dying”
    Not so much.
    “But when the history of the scam is written up …”
    That’s ironic considering our last exchange. I invited you to share your thoughts on the ‘scam’ and the basic logistics of it. It didn’t work out for you.
    Any future historian is going to have the same problem.
    There’s no avoiding it.
    Bit hard to write up the history of a global scientific scam without mentioning the basic logistics of it all.
    Are you familiar with The Problem of Scale?
    It’s something that all conspiracy theorists fail at.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      There is no metric for alarmist fire. It’s a judgement.
      Likewise, the scam is dying as government after government rolls back on their stupid commitments.
      “It didn’t work out for you.” – I see you are a true zealot with their head up their arse.

  2. Patrick healy says:

    Let’s ignore this clown and “please don’t feed the animals”
    A couple of things which cheer me.
    It is the will of God that the little global warming bastard which was sired in Rio may die there with a pragmatic government. Ironic considering Mr Bolsonaso is a pseudo communist.
    It is even more ironic that the 22500 clowns who have descended on the coal capital of Poland are greeted by arctic weather. The Gore effect.
    Then to cap it all the little pretend Bonaparte cannot attend because the French are revolting (again)

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