Anti-male propaganda

Back in the days when I used to get my views from the FNM (Fake News Media) like the BBC (Biased Broadcasting Company), I was convinced we lived in a society that was unfair to women.
That of course, like so much from the FNM is bullshit. It is bullshit fabricated by the left wing academics, fed to the FNM and then poured into the ears of gullible public and politicians – but worse back into the ears of the academics so that for decades we had a vicious cycle of fake news justifying ever greater dishonesty in academia. This then fed even faker news to the FNM which then fed back to academia creating a cycle of decline that was only stopped in its tracks by the advent of social media and rise of alternative and honest news sources, free from the cycle of fake news.
However, reason I post today is based on a single tweet. The content is hardly surprising as I’ve researched it before, but the list of ways society is outrageously unfair to men keeps growing …whilst falsely portraying women as being the victims of society.

(details as tweets like this tend to get removed from PC fascist twitter)
MALE PRIVILEGE: Deaths in battle Men 97.7% Women 2.3% Homeless Men 62% Women 38% Suicides Men 77.9% Women 22.1% Homicides Men 77.4% Women 22.6% Workplace deaths Men 93% Women 7% College graduates Men 40% Women 60% Winners of custody Men 17.8% Women 82.2% MALE PRIVILEGE

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4 Responses to Anti-male propaganda

  1. Stephanie Willetts says:

    Jordan Peterson has it right!
    Anyway. When Islam takes over we’ll all be stuffed….even you blokes 🙁

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      ~2500BC stonehenge & pyramid texts
      ~2000BC the epic of Gilgamesh is written (a forerunner to much of the Hebrew bible)
      ~1500BC rise of hinduism
      ~1000BC Greek pantheon appears (as evidenced by homer)
      ~500BC Buddism appears
      ~0 Christianity
      500AD Islam arises
      1000AD Masoretic Texts give rise to modern formm of Judaism
      The Great Schism between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches
      Western “Christianity” changes to become a pro-monarchy, hierarchical crusader religion
      1500AD The printing press is invented which creates Protestantism. Renaissance leads to the rise of rationalism and the “Age of Reason”
      2000AD The internet is invented which creates … ?
      About every 500 years the world has seen the creation of a new religion. In addition, protestantism was directly caused by the printing press, and therefore we can be sure that the internet will have similarly profound influence on what we believe. Thus we seem to be primed ready for the advent of a new global religion.
      The internet has already caused the Arab Spring … which then allows ISIS.
      It got Trump elected
      it brought about Brexit … Will Brexit end the EU … what will that then do?
      And it certainly created a Green pseudo religion of global warming alarmism which is embraced by even the pope.
      Perhaps somewhere in this chaotic muddle is the beginnings of something new. Islam is now so out of date that it will inevitably fall in its present form as so many other religions have. But that does not mean it cannot morph into something else. Likewise, the Green eco-nuttery has made so many predictions of doomsday endings that it is already looking pathetic, but likewise Christianity said that “some alive now will see the second coming”…and that was similarly provably wrong, it was portrayed as an idiotic cult with an ass as its god – and look what happened to that.

  2. Steve borodin says:

    And I always thought that the first B was for Bigoted. How wrong can you get.

  3. riani says:

    as students are required to think rationally, don’t be quick to believe in news media or social media. Being smart must be smart to choose the news and find out the truth, not to be exposed to unclear problems

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