Tommy Robinson – Vindicated

When I originally decided to come out in support of Tommy Robinson, I knew I was taking a chance. On the one side, there was good evidence that there had been a campaign of press and establishment hatred against him and that the establishment were intent on putting his life at risk which would likely end in his death.

On the other, all the press agreed that he was someone everyone should hate and that only vile people could possibly support. However, human rights are rights irrespective of whether you agree with someone or what they say, and clearly Tommy’s human rights had been severely ELIMINATED.

However, yesterday I read his statement to the court found here and I was totally appalled. Because I had assumed he had mistakenly broke reporting restrictions. Instead, what I found is that he had done everything I could conceivably imagine AND MORE to ensure he did not break reporting restrictions. He had acted with the utmost professionalism and yet despite his vigorous attempts to do everything he could to comply, the judge WITHOUT EVEN A HEARING OR LEGAL REPRESENTATION summarily through him in jail for 13 months.

There is no doubt in my mind – particularly because the judge did not ensure that reporting restrictions were made available – and because the judge took no action against the BBC who Tommy was reading out – the judge is incapable of the necessary impartiality needed for a fair trial and …

That judge should be sacked

(Although I would allow them to present their case, have it heard and have legal representation – something they denied Tommy).

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  1. colin smith says:


    Shurely shome mishtake :)

    (Or you are actually Sean Connery and I claim my five pounds :D )

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