After Trump was elected, I stopped being so active on the climate as it seemed only a matter of time before he shut down those producing bogus global climate metrics. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me that Trump, having freed the US from the power of those fake metrics, then saw no reason to release his foreign competitors from their stupidly self imposed submission to US origin fake climate metrics.

However, I have recently seen a rush of news stories suggesting we are now winning the political battle in the US, Germany and now Canada and Australia, and given the reaction of alarmists on twitter who suddenly got extremely grumpy and hostile, they’ve noticed as well. So, it seems that finally, despite the alarmists from an overwhelmingly politicised academia, continuing to produce their fake data and fake papers from their buddy review system, we are winning (won?) the battle.

But as for alarmist academics!!

Whilst not directly related, I have got to express my concern at the appalling standards I have come across with those academics I have engaged with recently on twitter.

They are not only clueless about basic thermodynamics, but they are pretty dim witted and what makes it worse, is that they are so pig headed that it is impossible to teach them anything. So, the chances of them understanding how to correctly deal with natural variation in a system where it is hard to distinguish between natural variation and “things”, is zero. There is no chance in hell that they will ever understand the scientifically correct way to deal with natural variation in the climate. Which is why we now have to win in the political arena and ignore the dunces in climate “science”.

I have really felt like father Ted explaining to Dougal why things far away look smaller:

Father Ted is demonstrating some plastic toy cows to Dougal.
Father Ted: …OK, one last time. These are small… but the ones out there are far away. Small… far away…

The reason why they got global warming so wrong, is because, despite the 4.5billion years of natural variation on earth, they SIMPLY (used in it’s literal sense of simple mindedly) could not conceive that natural variation existed. And because they could not conceive that the climate of the 20th century changed due to natural changes, they wrongly thought the changes they saw must be man-made. And because they only looked at changing CO2 (and not for example changes in pollution levels), they attributed all the natural variation to CO2 and so massively exaggerated the effect of CO2 (by up to MORE THAN an order of magnitude).

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5 Responses to Winning

  1. James says:

    It just shows that these people are just not worth dealing with and it took a non politician like The Donald ,to point out the emperor had no clothes. Head bang wall.

  2. Doonhamer says:

    Nature just carried on, and the divergence from predictions just becomes obvious. Late Springs, short Summers, unprecedented extreme cold. I do not believe that the public swallowed the switch from Global Warming to Climate Change. What they were promised, in UK, was Mediterranean conditions, and what did we get?
    Then there is the slowly developing disaster of wind turbines and solar panels with the associated higher power prices. The alarmists with any sense are switching over to the next scare, plastic?, and hoping that their previous prophecies will be forgotten. Even the BBC is mentioning Climate Change less.

  3. Doonhamer says:

    Forgot to say, much thanks is due to you and other bloggers around the world who kicked against the pricks in a sometimes thankless and seemingly solitary struggle. Even if you “win” no-one in power will ever admit it. Maybe future generations will look back on it as we wonder at the tulip mania. Thanks.

  4. Steve Borodin says:

    I have never watched Father Ted but I loved the video. Every time I want to say “Just because it (a wind farm) has a higher plated capacity doesn’t mean to say it GENERATES that, you brain-dead, sub-neanderthal imbecile”, I will remember it.

  5. Damian Scott says:

    I recently had a discussion with warmists on the Guardian website.
    People were seriously suggesting that a cooler stratosphere would somehow cause the troposphere to warm.
    Is there less climate hysteria on the Right because they already salve their guilt and self loathing with Christianity whilst the godless left have to invent an eco boogeyman to project their self loathing onto.
    The number of discussions I see about overpopulation, people talking about radically reducing the number of people on the planet…and then calling others “fascists”.
    It’s kinda frightening.

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