In retrospect the remoaner May’s plan was cunningly simple: lie to the people of Britain about fulfilling our instruction to leave the EU & leave the EU in nothing but name. Thus leaving us stuck with all the same extremely costly and destructive rules and regulations foisted on us by the EU – the only change being we couldn’t vote even just to register our protest by voting for UKIP MEPs. Then in a few years of sitting on the fence, one leg in, one leg out, with a picket stuck up our back side, remoaner May or the next remoaner PM would announce to all our treacherous MPs backed by the Brainwashing BBC: “leaving has not worked” … and they would all agree that there was no need for any further referendum and tell us we are rejoining the anti-democratic EU.
I’ve already left the Tories which I joined to help them see this plan through. I’m going to give them a short while to see whether they accept that Boris Johnson is right (undoubtedly our best choice for PM), and if the Tories decide to commit political suicide, then I’m rejoining UKIP.
Yes, I realise that means Labour are almost certain to get in at the next election, but so too will a substantial number of UKIP MPs. And that means at the election after that (which given Labour’s shambolic record may not be long), UKIP have a realistic prospect of gaining power and forcing through the Brexit which we voted for, and were told by the lying May that she would deliver.

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2 Responses to #MayMustGo

  1. Doonhamer says:

    Very well said. My thoughts exactly.
    Thanks also to POTUS for pointing out that the Empress has no clothes on.
    Eugh — sorry about that. – that image will spoil my appetite for a day or so, unless I can expunge it with whisky.

  2. KillerBean says:

    If your wondering where all the leave voters are hanging out have a look at the comments on this web site.
    I completely agree with your comments on the BBC aka Big Brainwashing Corporation.

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