Russians funding the Greens

DYPS2sHX4AA8_Dy.jpg largeFor years, it’s been obvious to me that the people who stand most to gain from the global warming scam are:

  1. Those in the UK with their snouts in the trough
  2. Oil & Energy companies who get a massive boost to profits whenever energy prices go up
  3. Foreign governments like China and Russia who want to undermine the west, and particularly those like Russia who sell us oil, and want us to become massively indebted to foreign energy suppliers.

And I note the following:

  1. Whilst the BBC excluded all sceptics, there was a Chinese citizen on the board of 28 determining BBC policy on global warming.
  2. The Russians were caught red handed funding greengroups
  3. There is persuasive evidence of Saudi funding of anti-fracking groups.
  4. Oil companies were a major backer of the global warming campaign.
  5. And there’s an awful lot of people who do this …


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One Response to Russians funding the Greens

  1. Patrick Healy says:

    Why only 3 little piggies? Have the rest gone to the (common) market?

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