Our snowiest winter

Having lived in our current house for about 20years, like many people who live pretty ordinary lives, I’m able to reasonably accurately judge what has been happening to the weather in our locality.

We’ve had longer periods of ice – that is snow turned to ice and that did not melt, we’ve had a larger single deluge of snow, but there has not been a winter where we have had so many episodes of falling snow throughout the winter. And it is only mid February! AND the Met Office are now warming of “sudden stratospheric warming” which they say tends to lead to colder conditions.

What is different this winter, is that rather than one episode of snow (of varying scale) – which then goes away with no repetition, this winter “normal” amounts of  snow (perhaps just an inch or two) has been a regular feature. And before any alarmists suggest that snow occurs when it’s warmer – we’ve also had numerous days of ice. Instead, what has been happening is that the WARMER days of precipitation have been cooler.

Is that a trend? No. If I ignore what has occurred this winter, I do not think there has been any trend. However if something similar occurs again next winter it may be.

But whether or not it is part of a trend, I am officially declaring this the snowiest winter I have seen in this house (and there’s still a lot of the winter still to go).

(What prompted this post is that it’s start to snow again).

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2 Responses to Our snowiest winter

  1. Jimmy Haigh says:

    My sister has just told me it’s blowing a blizzard in Aberfeldy. Meanwhile, here in Thailand, it’s a pleasantly warm 29C.

  2. Guirme says:

    More snow this morning (Perthshire), and still lying this afternoon. It certainly feels like there has been an unusually high number of snow days this winter and my heating bill is racking up faster than usual, a pretty good indicator of lower temperatures.

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