Mann: if the model does not fit the data, change the data

In any subject a culture can be created, and that culture may make some things permissible that otherwise would not as well as making taboo that which would normally considered acceptable.

For years, having seen the protestations of self-styled “Climate scientists”, it’s been clear to me they had completely wondered off the scientific path and were indulging in fantasies not science. However, by chance I came across this tweet from Michael Mann in which he makes it very clear that his working methods, and so presumably the culture in climate “science” is to change the data to fit the model. That’s not science.


Here is the original source, but given Twitter is now censoring content and blocking users it disapproves of, and given this is such a clanger by Mann, it may not remain available

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2 Responses to Mann: if the model does not fit the data, change the data

  1. oldbrew says:

    We don’t need no stinkin’ data!

  2. Timo Soren says:

    Just Wow! That statement alone tells so much.

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