Trumps global warming tweet

I often find this. I hear someone in the public eye say something I think is extremely mild and so hardly give it a passing thought, and then when I finally start reading about it, it turns out to have created a media storm. Clearly the only thing the global warming Libtard media in the US want to talk about is Trump tweet which I think was only “we could do with a bit of global warming”.

Now, even someone who believed in Global warming could find that funny – because even if you believe in catastrophic warming, you must also believe in natural climate change which will from time to time bring much colder weather.

However Libtards don’t have a sense of proportion, they only think weather is climate when it is hot and they have no sense of humour. In short this is a blasphemy and so they are reacting with the normal religious fervour against anyone who dare express the heretical view that global warming is laughable.


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  1. Guirme says:

    The tweet is perfectly innocent but seems to have been perceived by the faithful as in some way mocking their global warming religion, which means that there can be no place for humour. Sadly I have subsequently heard people stating that the President issued an anti global warming tweet where a little discussion quickly revealed that they hadn’t actually read the tweet. For many people, aided by much of the UK media, the default position is to assume that anything President Trump says or does must be nonsense, without bothering to make the effort to examine what he has said or done.

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