Climate Swings & Roundabouts

Everyone who is anyone in Climate knows that NASA gave up with producing a global temperature figure when the pause had gone on long enough to be a total embarrassment to these huff and puff merchants.

Instead they started producing a metric which you can’t call “global temperature”, as that can only be achieved by a simple average of comparable temperatures. Instead they did something akin to converting everything to an energy figure, then adding in a whole lot of codswallop, fish foe, and other very smelly entrails, and then reconverted that vile concoction back to a “temperature”.

The approach they chose was simple: if the metric you have isn’t doing what you want, find some other metric that is and add it in. In this case the convenient bullshit came from ocean buoys measurements which happened to be warming. And sure – you can always find something in the climate going your way for a few years to boost the warming figures, but the problem is that almost all of them are part of some form of cycle, such that sooner or later what you gain as they warm, you more than lose as they go into the cooling phase.

And then … if you take a change so small that it cannot be measured and scale it up massively to get warming … it hardly takes any cooling at all to more than reverse the process. And as the laws of chance tell us … sooner or later shit happens.

Of course, we’re not going to see the shit hitting the fan. Because as soon as they get any cooling – they will retire the worst offending buoys as they did the land based stations so that they only have warming buoys. And unlike land based stations where retiring stations was pretty easy to spot, an ocean buoy is pretty easy to let “go missing”. So all this fraudulent meddling is easily hidden.

So we will never see any of the gnashing of teeth as those in NASA and NOAA desperately try to conjure warming out of cold sea water. However, we will all know it is there. And with the record colds that are starting to show in the US as we head towards a La Nina year, NASA & their loathsome ilk are almost certainly having a:

Terrible Christmas and a Rotten New Year


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