Trump to open up climate to actual debate

For those sceptics like me who’ve seen the evidence and followed the appalling behaviour of climate nutter academics, there has been no doubt that those like NASA are little more than environmental activists pretending to be scientists in order to use their pretended science to push the US and others toward a pure eco-nutter goal.
However, if you’re not a scientist, have not had time to follow the debate, and/or get all your news from those like the BBC who have pushed a relentless tirade of climate nutter output, even the most level headed pro-science politician might find it a little difficult to just take us sceptics at our word and do the right thing.
I can appreciate the problems for a sane level headed politician who doubts what he’s being told by the mass army of eco-nutters in academia and places like NASA. But equally I might be appalled if they didn’t follow the advice of academic scientists in other areas.
However, it seems Trump has found a way through this impasse:

President Trump has privately said he supports a public debate to challenge mainstream climate science, according to administration officials. But there’s infighting about how it should occur — if at all. The president has told U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt during several conversations that he supports Pruitt’s plan for a “red-team, blue-team” debate aimed at challenging the prevailing scientific consensus about humans’ impact on climate change, a senior administration official told E&E News. Another administration official said that “there is support for the initiative at the highest levels.” —ClimateWire, 11 December 2017

This of course, is the last thing the climate nutters want. Because they know full well that after 20years of the satellites showing no real warming, they do not have the evidence to back up their nuttery, and the only argument they have is “we’re climate ‘scientists’ do what we tell you”.
But now they are damned if they do, and damned if they do not. If they do debate, they will lose and they will lose in the most highprofile manner. If they don’t debate, Trump has called them out and they have shown they have nothing to offer except denier insults and he will wipe the floor with them.

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2 Responses to Trump to open up climate to actual debate

  1. David W says:

    Excellent observations. I hope the debate occurs. Televise it live. So much fun should be illegal. Where do I sign-up? `;-)

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      It is something they have attempted at all costs to avoid – a straight head to head debate on equal terms. It’s very clear they do not believe they can win the debate, but when the president himself requests to hear the debate which they have so often said they could so easily win, it becomes impossible for them to refuse the invitation. And even if they did could refuse it – there are so many of the climate nutters that some of them would be so arrogant that they’d brake ranks to seek the limelight as the champion of the “cause”.

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