Insane unreliables: to cost 10,000 Euros per household – Happy Newyear

An interesting tweet across came I Destroyers of wealth. — Patrick Moore (@EcoSenseNow) December 31, 2017 It contained the following graph First we need to recognise that capacity is nowhere near the same as average delivered power. I think the figure for what is currently delivered is closer to 20-30% of capacity, so the […]

Global Boring

As a scientist, you’d expect me to make decisions rationally. So why have I stopped being a full time sceptic. The reason is that people just didn’t seem to be interested in the subject any longer. I couldn’t point to any statistic to justify that feeling, I couldn’t show you a graph or do a […]

The connection between Global Warming and the earth's core temperature

There are few times that I can have been so genuinely surprised at what is such a stunning connection as this. It all started with a tweet by @SteveSGoddard (Tony Heller) Earth’s interior is hot because of low thermal conductivity and high viscosity of the rock. You can’t compare that to a gaseous planet like […]

Climate fraudsters

We all knew that the climate fraudsters were tampering with the data from individual stations. That has been well documented, and it was clear that what we could see was just the tip of the ice-berg. However, despite the eco-nutters tampering with individual stations and those at NASA “retiring” any that inconveniently weren’t warming as […]

An Xmas present to sceptics: Svensmark, Cosmic rays & Clouds

For nearly 20 years the idiots pushing the politicised climate scam have asserted that “the science is settled” and denied any other possible cause to climate change other than CO2. That only works as a propaganda tool if there isn’t another climate driver. Today I read that Svensmark has finally got his proof of a […]