The banning of Scottish dawn – What's this about – a police state?

I can’t remember the reason … I think it was reading yet again about Google and others censuring the web. Which having fought to have the science heard on climate and had those morons push traffic to anti-science sites, I have not the slightest trust in those moralist $-earning corps who falsely claim to have our interests at heart.
So, I was looking at the sites that Google & similar anti-free speech organisations try to censure – on the basis, that if I look at a fair selection, I will get an idea of what google is banning and be able to decide for myself whether I agree.
Using this approach, by chance I was led to an organisation “Scottish Dawn” who I have never heard about. So, I wondered what they were about and within a few minutes I had them pigeon holed as a bunch of rather daft but as far as I could see harmless idiots. And that was that.
Then today I read this on twitter:

Being “extreme right” in a democracy CANNOT EVER BE USED AS A BASIS TO BAN AN ORGANISATION. In a democracy the law must be blind to Political orientation.  I therefore started with a highly dubious view of what appeared to be a blatant political move based solely on their politics and a dislike of what they stand for rather than any criminal offence.
This is what their blog says: (link) which I obviously neither condone nor support – particularly as I’m sick to death of all nationalists like SNP. However, I struggle to find anything that is not daily tolerated on twitter or other places let alone anything criminal.
Personally I’m not going to go out my way to investigate this bunch of idiots – but I find it extremely worrying that there appears to be no obvious rational for their banning except perhaps the fact they’ve said things a few in the SNP and perhaps UK government would rather not be heard.
First they came for the Climate Sceptics … then they came for Scottish Dawn … and then because freedom of speech was lost … we never knew who they came for until it was us.

We protect freedom of speech, not by supporting the right of those we agree with to speak, but by support those we disagree with.

True Scotsman Nationalism

The dominant force in Scottish politics is the Scottish National Party (SNP) as they currently hold 63 out of the available 129 seats in Scottish Parliament. Their leader at the present time is Nicola Sturgeon, a depressing, incompetent, and terrifying human being.

Sturgeon pictured at Glasgow Pride 2017 where she stated “I am determined that my government will do all it can to celebrate diversity in everything we say and do.”

However in a shocking revelation of enormous gravity and significance, she recently attacked the founders of SNP, and by extension the foundations of the Scottish Independence movement, for their choice of the name ‘Scottish National Party’. The self-loathing SNP leader made these comments during a discussion at the Edinburgh International Book Festival with Turkish author Elif Shafak; “Because what those of us who do support Scottish independence are all about could not be further removed from some of what you would recognise as nationalism in other parts of the world.”
This follows comments made late last year in which the Member of Parliament for Paisley and Renfrewshire South, and rising star in the SNP, Mhairi Black said;
“Nationalism. Nationalist is a word that I have never ever described myself by. It’s something I’ve never connected with and it’s my biggest frustration in politics….because for me independence is not some emotional, blood-DNA kind of argument from the heart, for me it’s a logical and strategic one to deliver the kind of society that I want to see. I view the SNP as being the best route to getting that. The minute we do get independence, my vote is up for grabs.”
This is significant and important to have a conversation on because Scottish Dawn has been attacked since it’s inception for being duplicitous. It is regularly accused of trying to ‘co-opt’ Scottish Nationalism, a term which for many years the SNP has deliberately avoided using themselves, and if they had any shred of integrity they would drop this pretence entirely.
However, the SNP has not always been such a revolting circus of abnormality. In fact, they have a rich history of legitimate Scottish nationalism that is conveniently ignored by the party and is largely unknown to many of their supporters. We wish to draw attention to the better men of the SNP who once stood for something true, and tried to save this wee country from going down the same road as England, ruled by foreign interests.

Who were these Scotsmen? The real SNP?

Arthur Donaldson was born in Dundee and leader of the SNP from 1960-69. He was a patriot and a good man who sought to establish peace between Scotland and Germany even during World War II, recognising shared values and common enemies. A true Scottish nationalist with a heart of gold, and a great inspiration in the establishment of Scottish Dawn.

Arthur Donaldson with visiting German Boy Scouts in 1937

In addition, there was also Andrew Dewar Gibb of Paisley who was a founding member of the SNP and another vocal opponent to a fratricidal conflict. Douglas Young, a Greek scholar and poet from Tayport, Fife was detained for his objection to Scotland’s role within WW2 and later went on to lead the SNP in 1942. Roland Muirhead of Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire was another objector and was also the SNP President from 1936-1950.

It is our intention to elaborate on this topic in future articles, but the point here is to assert that the (apparently soon to be renamed) SNP of modern times has absolutely no resemblance to the original movement and was at some point completely co-opted. The SNP have deviated drastically from their roots and from the teachings of legitimate Scottish nationalism. Instead, they focus on a future devoid of Scotsmen and indeed of Scotland itself.  This is a fast track to a Communistic society in which there is no evidence of a Scottish identity left to call our own.
Is this what we Scots want representing us as a people? A clique of internationalist gangsters who seek to use Scottish independence to moonlight for its antithesis – the same left wing establishment globalism that rules in Westminster. The SNP perceive Scottish Nationalism as a necessary evil, a teaspoon of sugar to ram their sick ideas down the throats of the Scottish people. Their vision of Scottishness is a joke, nothing more than tourist kitsch, bagpipe music, kilts, and blue painted on the arses of twerking dancers at SNP marches – superficial and dehumanising to Scottish people.
We are Scottish Dawn, we assert that we are Scottish, we love our people, and we want what is best for them – and on that basis we and all those who share our opinions are the only forces that are willing to struggle for the interests of Scottish people.


Against my fervent desire not to speak up for Gnats … I have to say that something is very wrong with this “ban” which strikes me as being clearly illegal as there is no public evidence available which would support the ban.
In other words, it looks like a purely politically motivated ban … which is just what Neo-Nazis do. So, you’ve got to ask the question, who really are the Neo-Nazis? This bunch of apparently harmless idiots … or the authoritarian police state and “we don’t allow any politics except that permitted by the gov” politicians.
As for the Liberal media – the response I got to this obvious and apparently unwarranted denial of basic human rights was:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

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  1. Roy Hartwell says:

    Odd how we hear of ‘Extreme Right’ groups being targeted by the police but never ‘Extreme Left’ groups !! Oh, hang on, that would probably mean arresting JC and his cronies.

  2. C Lonie says:

    The powers that be (Both parliaments and the media) are terrified a genuine Scottish nationalism may awaken here and not this middle of the road, globalist POS that currently is SNP. We do not live in a democracy or a free society that is clear.

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