Trump pulling out of Paris Climate treaty

Every so often history shows that humanity goes crazy. That happened at the Millennium when climate became a pseudo religion and academia was exposed by the internet as barking up the wrong tree on climate and additionally having no moral compass.
When I originally saw the Paris treaty – I thought it was a shambolic laughable document based on flaw science and with no real purpose other that PR.
As such, in real practical terms it mattered very little whether the US were in or not. But in terms of legitimising the fake news, fake religion, fake science global warming scam … it’s a game changer.

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1 Response to Trump pulling out of Paris Climate treaty

  1. James says:

    It only became an issue ,as the idiots who were in the likes of CND etc, had lost the argument on that particular issue and were looking for another bandwagon to jump on. Either that or it’s just another way of extracting more tax out of us. Or more likely, both!

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