Brexitday meal.

Cki0t6kWYAADYWz.jpg largeThe first item on the list has got to be Brussel sprouts – as there’s bound to be a rush – because any celebrating of leaving Brussels has got to involve sprouts in some way.

Next is Champagne  – but as that is just pretentious plonk dressed up it’ll be something like an Australian sparkling wine.

I think it should involve some type of bird – mainly so that I can stuff it. So, in retrospect, it’s a pity Turkey didn’t get into the EU in time or it would be the obvious choice. It could be a “swan song” for the EU – but that may be difficult. Out for a duck … that’ll do. What do I stuff it with? Possibly some kind of raspberry concoction? Perhaps Raspberry? No, I think some Oatmeal, leek and apple stuffing. (Scotland, Wales & England) And as sauce … we have the delightful sounding “Guinness gravy”  (N.Ireland) … although the Guinness may never reach the table.

I hate EU adverts – they are just like the EU – they’re the ones that are dubbed are always condescending and ALWAYS some brand I don’t want. So, in reference to them I’ll get British Bacon to put on the duck (in reference to the “Danish” advertising campaign).

In reference to the Euro – and the failing countries of Portugal Ireland Greece & Spain – Pigs in blankets!

For starch … French Fries … no way!! It’ll be that quintessential ancient British custom of chopping things up and frying them in grease … chips.

And  for pudding … it’s got to be rhubarb in reference to all the EU red tape. …. indeed how do we serve it

… as rhubarb crumble!

Some alternatives:

  • New Zealand Lamb
  • Pancakes with maple syrup
  • Curry from Indian
  • Hongkong: chinese
  • Beef Jerky from S.Africa
  • Nigerian Spam

Of course, with the British empire once covering much of the globe, the world is our Oyster in terms of how we celebrate our independence and reuniting with the rest of the world outside the EU.

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