SNP: liars & economically insane.

C60idFsWkAYoKgh.jpg largeIn 2014 the Scottish people voted decisively to stay with the UK. And since then the consensus has remained the same with a majority against leaving the UK and particularly against having another extremely divisive and hate filled referendum.
At the time the SNP promised that the referendum would be a “once in a lifetime”. They did so for very cynical reasons. If there were a suggestion that we could have the same referendum in a decade or so – given the appalling management of the Scottish economy and their daft policies (like appointing a state Guardian to be in charge of all children)  many people (including me) wanted to wait to see if Scottish politicians might one day mature enough to warrant a vote to leave the UK.
So it was very very clear the referendum was: “once in a generation”, which for any reasonable purposes is 25 years. However, then they lost the referendum and then they started the back-peddling and the campaign of deceit and lies trying to find any excuse possible to turn a “once in a generation” concrete commitment into the “as soon as possible” lie. And so along came all the “if the UK does this … it means we have to have another referendum:”

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Finally the SNP found the excuse they needed when we, the people of Britain, voted to leave the EU. Except the SNP never expected the people of Britain to reject the undemocratic authoritarian anti-industry pro-global-warming-pseudo-science EU. Why would they, as the EU is just like the SNP and the SNP are the “darlings” of Scotland!!
So, the SNP never took Brexit seriously. For example, in my area, we didn’t see one SNP person out on the streets and I only heard about some panicked last minute activity in the last couple of days of the campaign.
Instead the SNP had seen Brexit as one huge grandstanding opportunity. An opportunity to make ridiculous  and unsupportable promises to their supporters in the “knowledge” that they’d never have to carry out their promises. In short one huge lie fest for nationalists. They claimed all sorts of things from saying they could certainly stop Brexit, to saying they were the darlings of Europe (Spain flattened that one) that  (despite opinion polls to the contrary) they would hold another referendum if the people of Britain voted for Brexit, etc.
They were using the EU as a very small loin cloth to hide the truth – that they just weren’t man enough to follow through.Why
And then that loin cloth got tugged away by Brexit. But that has not stopped the English hating SNP. Knowing they cannot win another referendum, knowing that #brexit is proving to be a boom and that particularly in Scotland where industry has been destroyed by the EU’s anti-industrial culture, we stand to gain massively from Brexit. What is the natural inclination of the SNP?
To throw a spanner in the works, call a referendum in the expectation that the English will have to veto it for the sake of the UK as a whole, and basically tell any company about to set up in Scotland to gain from the Brexit boom to “F-off back home”.
This is what is so vile about the SNP. They have no real interest in the economic prosperity of Scotland. Indeed, from what I an see they positively love to see Scotland failing because they can then use this to stoke up the anti-English rhetoric and gain more economically gullible supporters.
And now, I cannot see Scotland ever doing well economically. Oil is supposedly the foundation of their “independence” (there is no real independence in the EU – so that’s a lie).
But the SNP are also vociferously anti-fossil fuel, thus attacking the foundation of their own economic case for independence (which hasn’t been helped by the success of fracking bringing down oil prices internationally).

In short having the prospect of this bizarre economics hanging over us in Scotland is like a sword of Damocles ready to destroy any company daft enough to set up in Scotland. No wonder Scotland is now performing so badly economically.
C6zXikeXAAATNaK.jpg largeA personal Perspective

To put it in perspective, my children are lucky as they have the education and contacts to allow them to emigrate. To put emigration in its historical I wrote an article about “the Truth of the Highland Clearances” in which I showed that during the so called “Highland Clearances” the populations of the Highlands increased and that the real population decline happened in the 1970s. Of course, the whole thing is just “fake history” another nationalist lie invented by nationalist academics in the same way the NAZIs used Aryanism to boost their own nationalism.
The result is anti-English racism that is now prevalent in Scottish society and that together with a government living in economic fantasy land means that so far two of my children have already decided to head south to England. And looking at the present uncertainty caused by the SNP I fully expect my third to follow.
That’s the simple truth. The SNP are already destroying Scotland’s future, not by getting their daft vote through, but by constantly denying us in Scotland any stability and hope for the future. And no doubt when every last sensible person has left the country they will get their non-independence in the EU. They will have their basket case economy built on economic fantasy. They will have their glorious public sector for a few years – until like Greece, economic reality hits and they have to close most of the public sector, get rid of free health care, schools, and basically sell Scotland to the highest foreign bidder.

But I don’t think I’ll be here to see it happen.

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  1. oldbrew says:

    If independence ever goes through the voters will need a new currency. The only viable option will be the Euro.

    • David Walker says:

      “The only viable option will be the Euro.”
      In order to use the euro, Scotland will need to be admitted to the Eurozone.
      Wee Krankie has already been told by the Kommissars that such is not an option, as the EUSSR already acquired more than enough basketcases.

  2. TinyCO2 says:

    1 Scotland can’t keep demanding a referendum every time it wants something or doesn’t like how the UK runs. So, it should be allowed by law to have a referendum every 30 years (a short lifetime) and then shut up. While they’ve just had an election, they should be allowed another at some point in the next 30 years. Choose the date wisely.
    2 The argument from Sturgeon and the SNP is that at the Scottish referendum they didn’t know that they were also voting for Brexit and they should be allowed another vote based on the result. But until we have left the EU, there is no guarantee of what relationship we will have, so until negotiations are over, Scotland can’t vote with full knowledge. By Sturgeon’s own argument, a future referendum can’t be until after Brexit or at least when negotiations are concluded.
    3 As UK politicians and civil servants will be very busy in the next two years, it’s unfair to the Scottish people to have such a major decision as leaving the UK overshadowed by the UK leaving the EU. Sufficient time must be allowed for a fair referendum and orderly departure if that is their decision.
    4 The complaint from Sturgeon and the SNP is that at the Scottish referendum they didn’t know that they were voting for Brexit, which means that full disclosure is essential. Therefore Scotland must produce a plan for the future of Scotland that addresses the issues involved in leaving. It should be comprehensive and delivered well in advance of the actual referendum to allow for debate and revision. It should deal with issues such as currency, shared assets, shared liabilities and long term arrangements eg wind energy subsidies. It should include the best and worst possibilities eg WTO tariff between UK and Scotland and the EU if the EU rejects swift entry into the EU. Eg The value of the Scottish pound converted to the Euro, at peak disruption from Brexit and Scottish independence if they gain swift entry into the EU.
    5 Since Sturgeon thinks that there is a mandate to divide the UK on the basis of how Scotland voted in the EU referendum, it seems reasonable to offer the Scottish regions the same freedom in a UK referendum. So if a Scottish region votes over 61% to stay in the UK it should be allowed to remain in the UK and part company with Scotland even if the overall vote is to leave.
    6 The Scottish parliament must vote on these issues before a referendum can take place. Sufficient time must be made between the date of the referendum and when it is called to allow for proper debate. Legal challenges north and south of the border must be heard and all the lessons learnt from the confusions post the EU referendum must be considered before another Scottish referendum as there should be no excuse of ignorance after the fact. In other words, you must avoid the things that the SNP are condemning about the Brexit situation AND the Scottish referendum before it.
    7 If all these provisions still result in a vote to leave then we wish Scotland well for the future. Seriously.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      Well said, I think I agree with every word.
      And … well it’s all a bit like asking the kids “do you want to go out” … the first one (Scotland) says “No … I want to stay at home”, the next (UK) one says “Yes, lets go out”. Then the first one starts complaining that we’re going out without them.

      • TinyCO2 says:

        Unfortunately that’s politics. I’m enjoying the reaction of Labour luvvies who for years have been banging on about getting back to to old Labour and even further. Now they’ve got exactly what they were asking for in Corbyn and they hate it. They want a massive social pot but without the damaging financial implications of a high tax economy. The SNP and Labour sense that the EU could be that utopia because of its relentless social intervension but it’s already falling apart. To make it work, the rich have to fund the poor and in the EU we’re not the poor. It’s what will eventually split the EU. Germany will get fed up of being the breadwinner.
        I don’t expect leaving the EU to be a bed of roses and my advice to the UK is the same as to Scotland – we will have to tighten our belts for at least a decade to make a success of freedom. My biggest fear for both our countries is that people are addicted to spending on vanity cr@p like windmills.

  3. Guirme says:

    Now let me try to understand this. At the indyref the SNP wanted us to vote to leave the UK in the knowledge that this would mean that we would no longer members of the EU; i.e. the SNP were quite happy for us to be out of the EU. Now that the UK as a whole has voted to leave the EU the SNP are squealing that we mustn’t leave the EU! Is there an element of inconsistency here?
    Let us hope that Theresa May tells the SNP that they have already had their Indyref and that they lost decisively, and therefore there will be no further Indyref in the foreseeable future. I believe that Theresa May owes us all this clarity but I fear that she is a politician and will probably prefer to spin it out for a while – she does seem to have dithered somewhat in triggering Article 50.

  4. Stoker says:

    I’ve never read so much ignorance and lies on one page, both article and replies.
    “Guirme”, you haven’t a clue, have you, really? The Scottish electorate were repeatedly told prior to the Indyref2014 that the only way to guarantee Scotland staying in the EU was to vote ‘No’. We were told that by the usual bunch of lying Unionist gophers and their corrupt BUM (British Unionist Media) mouthpiece. On that fact alone we, Scotland’s electorate, are entitled to expect another referendum, especially since 62% of that same electorate (at least) want to remain a part of the EU.
    “Scottish Sceptic”, you truly are a clown of the highest order are you not? In your thick scenario you refer to child one as “Scotland” and child two as the “UK”. Are you completely thick or what? Do you know anything about history, geography or indeed facts? If the first child is “Scotland” then there can be no second child named “UK”. Perhaps you should have put a small ‘r’ in the second child’s name, ie; rUK. If you’re going to write about politics involving Scotland then please at least learn the facts before insulting us all with your ignorant scribbles.
    I don’t expect you to publish this response because people like you waffle tripe all day long and don’t like to be shown up for what you truly are – ignorant and moronic with a hint of bigotry. So, i’ll not waste any more of my time refuting the rest of the lies and ignorance appearing on this septic site.
    If you fancy yourself as a writer and you truly want to get factually educated with regards to the Scottish political scene and the corruption of its stinking BUM, try reading and following Wings Over Scotland:
    Just tell them Stoker sent you!

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      Thank you very much … but for someone suggesting I haven’t a clue, why aren’t you aware of the fact that the British people chose to leave the EU they won the Brexit vote. And they weren’t saying: “he only way to guarantee Scotland staying in the EU was to vote ‘No'”
      We live in a democracy where the people decide … and the people of Scotland decided to stay with the UK and as the UK we decided to leave the EU.
      So get over it.

  5. TinyCO2 says:

    The Scots had some common sense and the English went do lally. On behalf of my country – I’m sorry and will disinherit any relative that admits to voting Labour.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      What is daft is that it’s a legal fact we’re leaving the EU … what is not a fact is that we will get any substantial deal with EU. Whatever that deal is will be highly contentious and unlikely to get through unless backed by a strong government able to withstand a lot of defections.
      We now have no chance of a deal before we leave … and indeed no chance for serious negotiations until after the next general election.
      I suppose I ought to be pleased … because now we get Brexit without any chance of some idiotic half-way house deal. But it does mean we have to jump in the deep end with a politically ineffective government.

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