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Since I started this blog at the beginning of  2011 I’ve published over 1200 articles mostly focussing on climate and energy. But it often surprises me when I look at the statistics that many of the articles that get read most have little or nothing to do with climate.

Scots: more words for rain than Eskimos for snow More stats 10,940
The Truth about the Highland Clearances More stats 6,632
I’m now a CO2 denier More stats 3,483
Enerconics: The Relationship between Energy and GDP More stats 3,024
How to convince a sceptic – just give them the data More stats 2,202
Proof: recent temperature trends are not abnormal More stats 2,073
We live in luxury that even kings a few centuries ago could only dream of. More stats 1,894
How to run a house off the car battery More stats 1,379
How to get off the ground with nothing but water! (almost) More stats 1,163
A scientist’s guide to greenhouse warming. More stats 1,143
Scientists discover why wet soil is dark More stats 1,071
And the last global warming pillar falls – I declare global warming doomsday claptrap to be disproven. More stats 985
The Academic Ape: Instinctive aggression and boundary enforcing behaviour in academia More stats 942
Why are climate-extremists so obsessed with conspiracy theory? More stats 927
This year global cooling – now even Trenberth agrees with me More stats 873


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2 Responses to All time Top Articles

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    I had noticed that there was some new posts on old articles. I wonder what’s made them pop up?

  2. Doonhamer says:

    When I call in at your site and the first item is the same as last time I used to just exit.
    Now I know that there might be a new post below it.
    I enjoy ALL your posts. Always thought provoking.
    More strength to your elbow.
    Thank you very much for what you do.
    Nuff said.

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