The Science

After a recent comment I realised that it isn’t possible to include all the science in each article and that I’m going to have to provide some kind of prima for those who don’t yet understand important details of the science.
As such I’ve changed the menus around and have created links to the following:

  • GreenHouse Effect
    This is an important article because I’ve yet to see anyone who explains the greenhouse effect properly. What is worse, some of what you’ll find even from some academics is complete trash.
  • Lapse Rate
    Important only in that the lapse rate is key to the Greenhouse effect so it’s good to understand what it derives from
  • Introduction to 1/f climate noise
    An introduction to 1/f noise – the kind of noise seen in the climate signal
  • Natural habitats of 1/f noise errors.
    An illustration of the typical errors people get into when assessing 1/f type noise
  • Assessing recent temperature trends for abnormality
    The only way to assess something like climate where we have no idea of what is “normal” to assess what is abnormal, is to look at changes within the same signal. I show how the rate of change over various periods can be predicted, and how this can be used to assess recent temperature changes.

If there is anything missing please say so in the comments.

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