Mann: Trump “It’s an all-out assault on Earth”

Back in December 2014 I wrote an article entitled: “Inhofe: finally the big guns are firing!

I guess those shells have finally landed. Today I heard this:

Climate scientist Michael Mann’s new book says climate denial is ‘driving us crazy’“This is what happens when ExxonMobil and the Koch Brothers run the show,” said Michael Mann,
….“It’s an all-out assault on Earth,”

Notice how the simple expediency of removing funding from bloated and corrupt government departments who waste their time on bogus hockey sticks, hiding the decline and fabricated graphs like this:

nasasurfacetemp1981-1999-2014… becomes an assault on the whole planet. Bring out the straight jackets!

Or to use another of my Metaphors the kick from Climategate has finally reached Michael Mann’s tiny brain and it’s clear his eyes are watering:

An overview of the political process from Climategate to present.

An overview of the political process from Climategate to present.

At this point I want to again thank all the individuals both sceptic bloggers and those who supported us and made this possible. I can’t repeat this sentiment often enough:

Never before have so few achieved so much with so little … except that is the whole of science and mother nature on our side.

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