The Ice-Age cometh

NotaLotOfPeopleKnowThat has an interesting graph which they post from NoTricksZone:

In a new paper (Stein et al., 2017), scientists find that Arctic sea ice retreat and advance is modulated by variations in solar activity.

In addition, the sea ice cover during the last century has only slightly retreated from the extent reached during coldest centuries of the Little Ice Age (1600s to 1800s AD), which had the highest sea ice cover of the last 10,000 years and flirted with excursions into year-round sea ice.

The Medieval Warm Period sea ice record (~900 to 1200 AD) had the lowest coverage since the Roman era ~2,000 years ago.

arctic-sea-ice-holocene-stein-17_thumbI know everyone is going to focus on the little blip (or not) at the end which either does or does not show Arctic ice is currently melting, but what I find interesting is that the amount of sea ice appears to have been increasing for the last 2000 years.

The irony of course, is why on earth would anyone want to continue the trend shown in the last 2000 years and head into an ice-age. Indeed, if it weren’t for the lies from eco-activists and if most people sat down rationally to think about it, we’d all be trying to work out a plan to stop us going into another ice age.

The same is also true with levels of CO2. During the ice-ages, CO2 levels fall to a dangerously low levels below which it is doubtful many plant species could survive. This means there is a plausible scenario that live on earth as we know it may cease during a future ice-age when (without human intervention) CO2 levels could plumet below the level at which most plants … and therefore most animals … could survive.

If I were even mildly tempted into religious beliefs … I could quite easily believe there was some god being who deliberately evolved humans to save the earth from an icy doom by releasing all that locked up CO2.

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2 Responses to The Ice-Age cometh

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    Every graph like this showing the last 10,000 years indicate that we were in the interglacial departure lounge before recent warming and that we’re probably not safe yet.

  2. Scottish-Sceptic says:

    I’ve been saying that “sometime in the next 2000 years we’re likely to see dramatic cooling” – that cooling would be around 6C at the poles but perhaps 4-5C in the UK. That would give London temperature more typical of Edinburgh or even higher areas of the mountains, it would cause permanent ice-packs to start developing on the Scottish hills and would end arable agriculture in Scotland and make it difficult in Southern England.

    I am now looking at the graph thinking: “if this trend is real, it means there’s no longer an equal chance over the next 2000 years, but instead it is most likely to occur in the near future”.

    Indeed … there are reasons to believe that in the next 3-8 years we may start seeing a decrease in temperatures. That cooling is unrelated, but remember those famed “positive feedbacks” – which don’t exist for warming in an interglacial – well they do exist for cooling.

    So, you can take almost everything that Hansen and the other idiots said about warming – change the sign of the effect, and it may well be true for cooling. Catastrophic global cooling is a real thing because it has happened many times before. (Unlike catastrophic warming in an interglacial which has never happened and never will).

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